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A Watercolor Tropical Flowers Design Pack - Sm



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Exotic watercolors boast the beautiful petals and leaves of tropical flowers. Try the collection on a wide variety of embroidery projects!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Hibiscus in Watercolor

4.869" x 5.0914"
33720 stitches

Bird of Paradise Flower in Watercolor

4.8565" x 5.0422"
29298 stitches

Heliconia in Watercolor

4.8622" x 5.2762"
42406 stitches

Bromeliad in Watercolor

4.8476" x 5.2717"
38100 stitches

Frangipani in Watercolor

4.8675" x 5.2338"
39218 stitches

Anthurium in Watercolor

4.86" x 5.48"
28646 stitches