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A Butterfly Botanicals Design Pack - XL





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Butterflies in bright colors perch on open and delicate branches, flowers, and leaves. Let your creativity take flight!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Blue Morpho with Delicate Branches

6.8786" x 9.8206"
41317 stitches

Painted Lady on Delicate Flower

6.8801" x 9.8397"
51418 stitches

Monarch on Delicate Leaf

6.892" x 8.5704"
49506 stitches

Tiger Swallowtail on Delicate Flower

6.9044" x 10.2977"
48856 stitches

Lustrous Copper on Delicate Branches

6.8773" x 8.5897"
42121 stitches

Alfalfa Butterfly on Delicate Branches

6.9171" x 9.9219"
42503 stitches