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A Christmas on the Edge (Applique) Design Pack - Md





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Add peeking applique holiday characters onto bath towels, blankets, bibs, and more. Project instructions demonstrate how to add designs to the edge of fabric.

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0 stitches

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Designs Included in this Pack

Peeking Santa (Applique)

6.839" x 4.5059"
34515 stitches

Peeking Mrs. Claus (Applique)

6.8572" x 4.5941"
26672 stitches

Peeking Reindeer (Applique)

6.8631" x 4.3856"
12172 stitches

Peeking Snowman (Applique)

6.818" x 4.6133"
22268 stitches

Peeking Boy Elf (Applique)

6.8882" x 4.7791"
23813 stitches

Peeking Girl Elf (Applique)

6.8882" x 4.7861"
25411 stitches

Peeking Polar Bear (Applique)

6.8812" x 3.5015"
8945 stitches