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A Floral Bookmarks (Battenburg Lace) Design Pack - Lg



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Freestanding Battenburg lace takes the shape of beautiful flowers in these bookmark designs. For instructions for making these bookmarks, reference the project instructions link above.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Tulip Bookmark (Battenburg Lace)

2.26" x 5.5"
12483 stitches

Rose Bookmark (Battenburg Lace)

2.25" x 5.49"
14580 stitches

Daisy Bookmark (Battenburg Lace)

2.26" x 5.49"
14738 stitches

Daffodil Bookmark (Battenburg Lace)

2.26" x 5.51"
11767 stitches

Pansy Bookmark (Battenburg Lace)

2.26" x 5.51"
13744 stitches

Iris Bookmark (Battenburg Lace)

2.25" x 5.5"
13769 stitches