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A Autumn Magic (Organza) Design Pack - Lg





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Fall in love with the magic of a lovely autumn day with these stunning organza leaves. Simply stitch onto organza fabric and water-soluble stabilizer, then rinse. Project instructions will show you how.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Autumn Magic - Goat Willow Leaf (Organza)

2.1131" x 4.8734"
3935 stitches

Autumn Magic - Birch Leaf (Organza)

3.636" x 4.8801"
5717 stitches

Autumn Magic - Poplar Leaf (Organza)

4.4637" x 4.881"
6126 stitches

Autumn Magic - Oak Leaf (Organza)

2.7745" x 4.8751"
4960 stitches

Autumn Magic - Sugar Maple Leaf (Organza)

4.4173" x 4.8806"
5909 stitches

Autumn Magic - Silver Maple Leaf (Organza)

4.8506" x 4.881"
8251 stitches