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Our Story

Our Beginnings

Embroidery Library began in 2001 as a small project within a custom embroidery company located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. The idea was to create a few stock embroidery designs for sale on a fledgling website, when home embroidery machines were first becoming widely available. The success of those first designs changed the business model of the entire company and we have never looked back. Today we are a leader in the embroidery design market with more than 150,000 unique designs for sale.

Employee Owned

The company has been 100% owned by its employees since 2006. This means that our entire team brings the passion and purpose of ownership to work with them each and every day. We are all focused on the same goal, which is to delight you with the originality, quality and variety of our designs. We are a creative design company and we love sharing the creative journey with you.


Our design planning process begins with a unique design concept. Next, each design is drawn by an artist in our company. We then digitize each design size, sew it out and test it extensively before we put it on our website for sale. If a design doesn’t pass our quality control checks we don’t sell it, period. You might be amused at the lengths we go to in order to perfect designs, but it is no laughing matter to us. We want to be certain that home stitchers will achieve the same results that we do.

Our Team

The strength of our product is our team. We have many decades of on-the-job experience among our artists and digitizers, but literally every single employee-owner has a unique and important role in bringing you the designs you find on our website.

We enjoy working with each other, we laugh often, and we love seeing our designs come to life through your creations shared on social media and contributed to the Stitchers Showcase.

Our Sister Brands

In 2008, looking to explore new creative directions, we introduced Urban Threads as a home for modern, bohemian, and unexpected machine embroidery designs.

In 2018 we introduced Craft Genesis in response to the growing popularity of cutting machines. Our contemporary design files are engineered to deliver maximum impact with minimal effort for crafters working with vinyl, cardstock, fabric, wood, and leather.

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