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This HELP page contains a variety of topics to assist with both technical and embroidery issues. Browse through the topics below. If your question is not addressed on this page, then please contact us by email. The email address is support@emblibrary.com.

Signing In & Profile Options   Downloading Instructions
I'm having trouble signing in Downloading with Internet Explorer
I forgot my password   Downloading with Edge (Windows 10)
How can I change or update my email address?   Downloading with Firefox
How can I change my password?   Downloading with Chrome
Instructions for setting hoop size in the profile   Downloading with Safari (Mac)
Instructions for setting a format in the profile   Using the 1-Click Download button
    Downloading from Order History and expirations
Ordering Designs   Zipped and Unzipped Designs
Placing an order through the website   Zipped and unzipped: What's the difference?
Can Embroidery Library digitize for me?   Which designs are zipped when downloading?
How are designs delivered?   How do I unzip files on my PC?
Can I get a disk, cd, or USB through the mail?   How do I unzip files on my Mac?
Can I request a design to be added to the site?   Expanding and compressing zipped design packs
Choosing Design Sizes   Opening Designs on a Computer
Embroidery machine size and stitch limits   Tips for opening designs on a computer
Which size should I order?   Opening with Wilcom's TrueSizer software
Setting embroidery size in the profile   Opening with Husqvarna 4D/5D software
Exchanging designs for smaller sizes   Opening with Bernina software
    Opening with Janome Horizonlink / Customizer
    Errors with PE Design / Palette
    Why do I see lines in my Embird software?
Embroidery Machine Formats   Color Questions & Color Sheets
Which format should I choose?   Why do design colors look strange on the machine?
How can I download a different format?   What and where are the color change sheets?
A design isn't in my regular format. Why not?   How do I use the Thread Exchange?
    How do I upload colors with Embird?
Sales & Special Offers   Uploading/Transferring to Embroidery Machines
Happy Hour eligibility and FAQ   How do I put a design on a USB (PC)
Birthday Club eligibility and FAQ   How do I put a design on a USB (Mac)
    Special USB instructions for Janome users
    My Brother/BabyLock machine won't read the design
    My Janome machine won't read the design
Refunds & Exchanges   Machine Size & Stitch Count Limits
I ordered the wrong size. Can I exchange it?   List of machines, sizes, and limitations
I ordered duplicate designs. Can I get a refund?   Splitting designs by size and multi-hooping
I ordered something by mistake. Can I return it?   Splitting designs by stitch count
Miscellany   Stitching a Design: Troubles & Solutions
Tips for working with alphabets   Checklist: Before embroidering a design
Single run vs. double run quilting designs   Fabrics 101: Choosing fabric, designs, and stabilizer
What is an in-the-hoop design?   Resolving shifting, gapping, and misaligned stitches
What is a template and how do I make one?   Tips for stitching complex, high-stitch designs
    Curing threadaches of shredding and nesting
    I'm having trouble with a design. What can I do?

If your question is not addressed in one of the above topics, please let us know. Send an email to our customer service team at support@emblibrary.com. Include your order number for the fastest service.