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This edition of "Kenny's Korner" is really your korner, and it's all about finding blank items for embroidery. Whether you've found yourself in charge of stitching uniforms for everyone on your daughter's softball team, or you're searching for the perfect baby bonnet to stitch on, sooner or later you're going to be looking for blanks. These plain and simple items are all over, but you have to know where to find them. On this page we've listed a few that we know of.


But if two heads are better than one, imagine what we can all build together! We're putting the question to you, the wonderfully crafty family of Embroidery Library stitchers. Where do you find blank T-shirts, sweatshirts, totes, towels, bibs, handkerchiefs, aprons and more for embroidery? Send your recommendations to stitch@emblibrary.com, and we'll post them on this page. Let's make this a growing resource for machine embroiderers around the world!

Here are a few tips, for starters:

Shop retail stores. Discount department stores like our hometown Target can be a great resource for finding blanks. Plain T-shirts, towels, in more are always in stock. They might come in the current "in" colors, which can be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. Higher-end department stores have high quality items and, depending on the store, might have more of the "classics." Home stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond are another place to check for towels and linens. Craft stores often stock a selection of inexpensive T-shirts, towels, and such in a variety of basic colors. If you or the recipients of your embroidery have a favorite clothing store, look there for plain shirts and more - you can always count on the tried and true!

Sew your own blanks. OK, this doesn't really count as "finding" blanks, but if you like to sew as well as embroider, making your own blank totes, towels, aprons, and even clothing can be a good option. It allows you to create precisely the item you want, and to embroider the fabric easily before all the pieces go together.

Order online. You knew we'd say this, didn't you? We don't sell any blanks, but there are plenty of websites out there that do, in varying styles and prices. Some of these companies will sell to individuals, while others are targeted toward businesses and require you to have a tax ID number in order to purchase. Here are a few we've found:

The Sewphisticated Stitcher offers higher quality blanks targeted to embroidery hobbyists and gift-givers -- everything from frilly baby items to pet clothes to handkerchiefs. Its sister site, Discount Embroidery Blanks, offers a similar selection for prices that are often lower, but requires a $75 minimum order.

AllStitch offers some unique embroiderable items, including teddy bears and Kiwi embroidery paper.

All About Blanks offers a wide selection of dainty and home-style items. This is a higher-end site to check out if you're making a keepsake gift.

Embroidery Blanks Etc. carries shirts, jackets, and other wearables at wholesale prices. You don't need to be in business to order, but there's a $100 minimum.

OutletShirts.com offers a wide variety of shirts for men, women, and kids. There's no minimum order required, and you don't need a tax ID number to order.

Now it's your turn! What are your favorite places online to find blanks for embroidery? Share your knowledge with other Embroidery Library stitchers! Send your recommendations to stitch@emblibrary.com, and we'll post them on this page.



www.jiffyshirts.com is a great source for blanks. No tax ID number, no minimum order, bulk discounts, and super fast shipping. Excellent customer service too. They have a variety of items from cheaper to higher quality. - Barbara

I order all my embroidery blanks from www.blankshirts.com - they are lightning fast - and prices are excellent! I often get my orders the next day after I order! They have a large variety of blanks and I almost always find what I need there! Great prices, great service, lightning fast shipping, what else could a person ask for? - Karin

I love the Eastbay hoodies from www.eastbay.com! They are wonderful, thick, beefy hoodies, and the price is unbeatable! I use them all the time and have an almost daily UPS delivery from them. - Kathy

There is a online company called The Clothing Warehouse. They sell to everyone and you do not need a tax ID. The more you purchase, the better the discount. I have purchased as little as 3 items and received a discount. They have everything from jackets and sweatshirts to denim shirts and caps. At times they also offer free shipping and their service is great it takes only a few days to receive the items. - Virginia

I usually order Jerzees or Hanes shirts from this site: www.shirtspace.com. Orders were sent in a timely fashion, I received whatever I ordered without substitutions, and the shirts clean nicely retaining their color. I prefer Jerzees to Hanes no matter where they come from. Better quality shirt and better fitting neckband. - Kathy

We use www.wholesalebabyblanks.com. We love the quality of their onesies for babies, but we haven't tried their other products. They are very friendly to work with and no minimum. - Donna

I have had the best experience with the folks at www.shoppersrule.com. I have worked with them for over 7 years and have no complaints, only glowing reports. They carry blanks of all types and they carry other embroidery necessities like backings, RA threads, pre-wound bobbins, and the list goes on. - Crystal

www.bagworks.biz has bags, aprons, and other types of items that some people might find useful. - Donna

I like using marthapullen.com for ready-to-embroider knits for babies. The knit is soft and high quality. There are also linen items. Everything is sold separately. - Mary Martha

Another source for blanks such as dish or bath towels, try www.thetowelplace.com. Nice selection and great customer service. - Elaine

Here's one that I've used before and gotten fairly good results from:
t-shirtwholesaler.com. - Kathy

I don't like the designs on this site nearly as well as y'alls, but these blanks are different from what I've seen anywhere else: www.embroiderydesigns.com. - Barbara

I buy all of my blanks from www.ssactivewear.com. They have a huge catalog and carry all name brands and have a large variety of articles. You do need a tax ID but there is no minimum purchase and their prices are incredible. I have never been disappointed and their service is great. - Carolyn

www.buywholesaletshirts.com: This is an awesome web site I have used for pigment dyed sweatshirts, and I only ordered two of them, so you don't have to order 50 at a time. The average price for these runs around $25.00 minimum in catalogues and I paid under $20.00 apiece. - Marcia

shirtsupplier.com - Pam

Please add my site to the list - www.highlandapparel.com. No tax ID required. My catalogs include products from Broder (Catalog 1), Tri-Mountain (Catalog 2) and SanMar (Catalog 3) - anyone can order an my prices are close or beat piece pricing with these suppliers. - Debbie

A good supplier of blank koozies is: www.koozielady.com. For Canadian embroiderers (but you need a tax number) there is www.sanmarcanada.com. The U.S. parent company site is: www.sanmar.com. - Kathy

I have used http://kooziesource.com/store/ to order Koozies to embroider for family and friends and have been very happy with the quality of their products and prompt mailing of items. - Rita


Here are a few that I use when I buy in bulk for my business: www.kidsblanks.com, www.babybestbuy.com, www.wholesale-linens.com, www.kng.com, www.thetowelplace.com. - Linda

I love MONAG. They offer very high quality shirts for adults and children, been using them for a while. Also shirtchamp.com. - Tiffiny

I would like to share a place where I have purchased great, high quality aprons. www.allheartchefs.com - they are located in California. I like to keep a few on hand at all times, for those times when I want to make a quick gift. Black ones are great; the designs really stand out and they hide the splatters. Another site is www.embroiderthis.com - they carry aprons, handkerchiefs, baby & kids blanks, linens, kitchen and bath towels, pillowcases and more. - Donna

I have found the best place to order flour sack towels, as well as a host of other blanks - for the kitchen, for the bath. I ordered some flour sack kitchen towels and made them for Christmas gifts, and they stitched up beautifully! It's www.americanchairstore.com. - Sharon

I found blank white and neon colored baseball hat at www.orientaltrading.com. Also a great place for crafting supplies. - Elaine

I have ordered several times from cheapestees.com. The quality is good, and the items I have given as gifts have been greatly appreciated. - Pat

I used www.statonwholesale.com. - Sandi

For embroidery blanks, I use Dharma Trading. They have a huge selection of embroidery blanks - a lot of their stuff is white because it is designed for dyeing or other surface embellishment as well. - Renee

macadamsgolfsales.com: This is a wonderful site that offers name brand clothing at closeout prices. The beautiful quality of clothing and excellent service make this one of my favorite places to shop. - Jean

Atlantic Coast Cottons, Gainesville, VA. Free, beautiful catalog. Order arrives in two days. Must set up business account in advance of ordering. T-shirts, polos, camp shirts, denim shirts, children's wear, aprons, jackets and fleece, head wear, towels, totes, silkscreens, robes, team wear. All good brand names and quality; very reasonable prices. - Amanda

Sierratradingpost.com carries an amazing amount of up-scale sports clothes, that make wonderful blanks for embroidery. I can do really nice gifts for very little money, using their shirts, sweatshirts, and other items. Worth a look! - Mary

My source for T-shirts and towels are at a company called Alpha Shirt Company. They have shirts, caps, towels, jackets all for the sports industry. Their website is www.alphashirt.com. - Marilyn

I use www.myfabrications.com - retail and no minimum order amount. - Carolyn

www.kimmiskorner.com: I only sell the best because my embroidery work only goes on the best. Waffle robe, Anvil towels, linens, golf towels, Gilldan tees. - Kimmi


Wendy's Treasures has a lot of good blanks to embroider on. I love buying the window pane shirts and embroidering on them and giving as gifts. There is no minimum and no tax ID needed. They ship very fast; within a few days I have my order. - Tracy

I just received a great shipment of deluxe flour sack towels from www.americanchairstore.com. It took a little while, but they communicated that with me right after I ordered, and then notified me when they shipped. The prices were very good, and the quality is outstanding! - Rebecca



I find T-shirts at discount stores quite often, and I found nice napkins to embroider and garage sales and secondhand stores. I am a bargain hunter from way back and I find nice things that can be embellished in places people wouldn't think of. I found nice restaurant aprons at the flea market for 75 cents apiece. Laundering and fabric sizing brings them back to a new look. I have found terrycloth bibs for babies at the Dollar Tree or dollar store. I buy used decorative pillows and use them for re-covering for nice new pillows when I change my decor. - Christine

I know you can find blanks at Hobby Lobby. They have aprons, totes, tee shirts and more. I shop there on a weekly basis. - Cherie

J.C. Penney has affordable kitchen towels to embroider on at a 50% off the regular price most every day. Kohl's also has affordable towels 50% off a lot of the time, and one can always use their coupons to get a lower price. - Liz

JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts sells Jerzees T-shirts sized for adults, juniors (a fitted style) and youth in a variety of colors. These shirts are a good weight, 100% cotton. This week I was able to buy them on their special, 4 for $10. Can't beat the price; I purchased 8! - Lynn

We have a local shop in our town that prints T-shirts. When I need a blank T-shirt I stop by there first. He carries an assortment of colors and sizes (including hard-to-find sizes such as triple X). I can buy shirts from him for a lot less than regular retail. - Ginny

I find good kitchen towels to embroider at Tuesday Morning stores. - The Hemps

Walgreens usually has blank T-shirts 3 for $10, and sweatshirts too. - Rachel

I've had good luck at Christmas Tree Shops and Wal-Mart for Kitchen towels, placemats, runners, and baby items. - Angela

Here in Redding, Ca. we find them at Michaels and JoAnne Fabrics for 40-50% off, making them pretty reasonable. Another source is good thrift stores. Often you will find totally unused ones if you check fairly regularly. - Alyne

Since I am Canadian and the exchange rate is unfavorable one source that I like - available locally in Alberta - is Mark's Work Warehouse for T-shirts and Wal-Mart for most other things (towels, etc.). - Irene

I also get T-shirts, sweatshirts, pillowcases, socks, etc. from Sam's Club. They have good quality merchandise, although it does vary by season. - Renee

Gabriel Brothers Department Store sells blank T-shirts, sweatshirts, other apparel, linens and towels at very inexpensive costs; lots of great colors and sizes. Brand names such as Gildans, Jerzees, Hanes and more, but some might be damaged. No mail order available. Big Lots Department Store sells blank, colorful t-shirts, sweatshirts, baby items, linens, towels. No mail order available, but Big Lots is located in a lot of cities. - Amanda

In Holland one can buy blank T-shirts, towels, sweatshirts, etc. in De Hema and in V&D. Warehouses with lots of good stuff. No problem at all. - Gerda

I have found the best place to get baby bibs is Toys R Us. You can get a 10 pack of terrycloth with Velcro closures for $10. You can get all white or you can get pastels for girls and primary colors for boys. They stitch up really nice and wash very well too. - Deanna

Has anyone tried websites like Fruit of the Loom or Hanes for tees and sweatshirts? They also have polos. - Nick

Kenny is a master digitizer and Vice President of Production at Embroidery Library, Inc.

Ask Kenny! Send your questions to stitch@emblibrary.com.

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