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Applique Embroidery with Mylar



Mylar adds wonderful sparkle to embroidery designs. Mylar, or foil gift wrap, is used as an applique in specially-created designs, and the result is a delightful shimmer and shine.

Read below for free project instructions!

Supplies Needed:

**Small pieces of Mylar (foil gift
commonly available at
   party supply stores and craft

**Medium-weight cutaway

**Temporary spray adhesive

In this tutorial we used: 
Bright Holly (Mylar) - Lg

This design is available in the following design pack:
A Victorian Christmas (Mylar) Design Pack - Lg (also available in small)

Project Tip:
We found sheets of Mylar at our local party store and at Michaels - it was labeled as "foil tissue." It's generally found in the "gift wrap" area.

Certain designs have been digitized for use with Mylar. When you download this type of design, you'll find two files. One is named with only a "Y" followed by 4 numbers - this is the full embroidery file.

The other file ends with "_DL" - this is the dieline file. 

To begin, you'll need to cut the Mylar to the proper shape and size, and to do this, use the dieline file. Print the dieline file at full size using embroidery software.

If you do not have embroidery software, you can create a template by embroidering the dieline file on paper. Simply hoop a piece of paper and embroider the dieline file.

To prepare the Mylar for cutting, make a stabilizer, mylar, and paper template sandwich. Start by spraying a piece of medium-weight cutaway stabilizer with a bit of adhesive.

Lay the Mylar, right side up, on top of the stabilizer and smooth in place.

Spray the paper template with a bit of adhesive and smooth the template over the Mylar. Then, cut out the shape and remove the paper from the top of the Mylar.

Hoop the item you are embroidering with a piece of medium-weight cutaway stabilizer. Attach the hoop to the machine, and load the full embroidery file (the file that is named with a "Y" plus 4 numbers) to your machine.

For most Mylar designs, the first thing to stitch will be a running stitch outline, and that traces the area where you'll place the Mylar.

There are a few Mylar designs that will stitch some of the design's detail first, rather than a running stitch outline.

Refer to the color change sheet for the design that you're working with. That sheet lists the order that the design will stitch, with a note for a running stitch outline (dieline).

Links to color change sheets are conveniently located in your order history.

Embroider the design. After the dieline / running stitch outline has stitched, stop the machine.

Spray the backside (stabilizer side) of the Mylar piece.


Place the Mylar and stabilizer in the dieline

Finish embroidering the design.

Some designs that use Mylar can be stitched without the foil tissue, giving a light and lacy-looking result.

This image shows the Bright Holly (Mylar) design stitched without the addition of Mylar.


This is the same design, but it's stitched with the Mylar addition. Mylar adds a wonderful sparkle and shine!

Laundering Tips:
Wash items embroidered with Mylar designs inside out, in cold water, using the delicate cycle. Do not put the item in the dryer; we recommend air drying all items that include Mylar.


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Products used in this Project:

A Victorian Christmas (Mylar) Design Pack $9.94 - $12.94

Available in 2 Sizes:

4.85" x 6.82" | 3.86" x 3.85"