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After-Bath Towel Wrap

Stay squeaky-clean and dry with this after-bath-and-shower towel wrap.

A thick and thirsty bath towel serves as the "wrap", and a coordinating hand towel makes straps and a pocket.

Jacobean-style flowers are a beautiful addition to this practical, comfortable, modern-day "dressing gown."

Supplies needed:

** 1 bath towel
** 1 coordinating hand towel
** 10" of 1" wide soft elastic
** 6" of 3/4" wide Velcro
** 7" hem tape for pocket trim

Designs Used:

Jacobean Floral Spray (lg)
Jacobean Flower

First, mark the towel for strap placement. Center the towel behind you, wrap the left side to the front, and then the right side over the left.

Make a mark to indicate the center of where each strap will go, and label each mark as "front."

Masking tape works well to mark these spots, or you can use a dry-erase pen, too.

Using the front strap marks as your guide, transfer the strap marks to the back third of the towel. Label both marks as "back."

Next, mark the placement of the embroidery. Print a template of the design and center it between the two front strap marks.

Poke a hole in the center of the template to make a mark on the fabric. For this, a dry-erase pen works well. The marks from the pen come out after laundering, or with a dab of water.

Measure from the top of the towel to the center point.

Lay the top hoop over the area that will be embroidered, and align the straight edge of the top with the straight edge of the towel. Mark the left and right center points.

Hoop the towel with one piece of cutaway stabilizer, and a topping. Align the left and right marks on the towel with the markings on the hoop for perfect placement.

After you have finished embroidering the design, gently tear the topping away.

Trim the cutaway stabilizer away from the backside of the towel.

Next, make shoulder straps from the hand towel.

Measure and mark a 24" long by 2 1/2" wide strip. From this towel you should get two shoulder straps and enough left over for a pocket, so plan accordingly.

Cut one strip from the left side of the towel, and one strip from the right side of the towel. Trim any bottom ribbing, but leave the side ribbing.

Next, prepare the fabric for the pocket from the hand towel. To make a 5" pocket with room for trim on top, measure and mark a 6" x 7" rectangle on a sheet of paper.

Cut the rectangle.

Lay the rectangle on the remaining towel piece, and trace the shape.

Place the design template in the rectangle. It should be centered horizontally. To allow trim for the pocket, place the template so that its center is one inch below the rectangle's center.

Mark the horizontal and vertical center points on the towel for perfect placement when hooping.

Hoop the fabric with one piece of cutaway stabilizer, and topping, aligning the orientation marks on the towel with the marks on the hoop.

Embroider the design.

After you have finished embroidering the design, tear away the excess topping.

Trim the stabilizer from the backside.

Cut the pocket from the towel.

Measure, mark, and trim a half an inch from all four corners. This will make it easier to hem the pocket piece.

Cut a length of decorative trim, enough to cover the entire top of the pocket with an inch excess on each side.

Fold the top of the pocket, at the notches, to the back, and pin and trim the fold in place.

Sew a straight stitch on each edge of the trim. This will sew the trim to the pocket and finish the top edge at the same time.

Next, make the straps. Fold in the cut edge about 1/2", and fold the ribbed edge over the cut edge. Pin in place. Continue folding and pinning the entire length for both straps.

Sew a straight stitch all along the length of the strap, following the ribbing.

Attach the straps to the towel. Pin one end of a strap to the inside of the left front mark. Allow 2" of overlap for each end of the straps.

Pin the other end of that strap to the inside of the left back mark.

Transfer the right front mark to the middle layer. Pin one end of the second strap to the inside of this new mark, and pin the other end to the inside of the corresponding back mark.

Remove the masking tape marks and sew the straps to the towel.

Attach the pocket to the towel. Measure and mark 11 inches above the bottom edge, and 14 inches from the left side. This will be the top center of the pocket.

Pin the pocket in place, keeping the pins to the inside so the seam allowances can be easily folded under.

Fold 1/2" of one side under, and sew a straight stitch from one end to the other. Back up one inch and fold under 1/2" of the bottom, and sew across the bottom. Continue this up the other side -- but be sure to keep the top open.

Attach a Velcro closure. Cut 6" sections of loop and hook strips.

Fold the towel in thirds, with the left side on top. Flip the upper corner of the left side over. Pin the loop section here.

Pin the hook strip into place on the middle section of the towel.

Sew both strips to the towel.

A strip of soft pajama elastic ensures a nice, snug fit. Lay 10" of the elastic on the inside back, directly under where the straps attach to the back of the towel.

Pin the elastic in the center. Stretch the elastic on both sides, and pin the ends in place.

Stretch it again, and add more pins. The towel should gather under the elastic.

Sew the elastic on both sides with a straight stitch, being careful not to stretch the fabric or elastic as it is sewn.

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Products used in this Project:

A Jacobean Floral Towel Design Pack $7.96 - $8.96

Available in 2 Sizes:

4.85" x 9.40" | 3.85" x 6.80"