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Tablecloth Weights

Relax and enjoy picnics and al fresco dinners, without worrying about linens blowing around in the wind.

Metal washers are sandwiched inside back-to-back applique fruit. These table cloth weights are not only functional, but they're also fashionable. Clip to tablecloth corners for a splash of summertime color!

Supplies for 4 weights:

**small fabric pieces for applique
**cutaway stabilizer
** 12 washers, 1 3/8"
**4 curtain clips
**needlenose pliers
**hot glue gun

Designs used:

A Summer Fruit Applique Pack

Embroider an applique fruit design on one piece of cutaway stabilizer. Embroider the mirror of that design, also on cutaway stabilizer. We choose colorful felt for the applique fabric.

Trim the stabilizer away. Cut as close as possible to the edge of the embroidery, without cutting any stitches.

Place a few drops of hot glue to one of the washers, and then affix the washer to the wrong side of one of the fruit pieces. Add the second washer using the same method, so the washers are side by side.

Wrap the wire around the third washer. Use pliers, and twist the wire to secure it to the washer.

Clip the wire about 1 1/2" from the washer.

Glue the third washer to the other washers, making sure that the wire points up in the direction that you want it to hang.

Add a line of hot glue to the inside edge of the remaining fruit piece. Place this piece onto the piece with the washers, and pinch to seal the edge.

Take note to keep the wire pointing up during this process.

Using the pliers, bend the wire into a loop. Twist the end of the wire closed so there is no sharp point.

Remove the clip from the ring on the curtain clip, then thread the wire through the ring. Pinch the clip closed. Then, when you're ready to picnic, clip four weights to the corners of a tablecloth to keep picnic linens in their place.

An alternate version of this project adds a bit of fluff and fringe. Embroider an applique fruit design and the mirrored design onto denim, stabilized with a piece of cutaway stabilizer.

Trim the stabilizer from the backside, as close to the design as possible.

Cut the denim away, leaving a one inch border around the designs.

Using a seam ripper, fringe the denim on both pieces.

Trim the fringe to your desired length, and then follow the steps above for adding washers and wire.

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Products used in this Project:

A Summer Fruit Design Pack $14.97

Available in 1 Size:

3.48" x 3.93"