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Flower Flip-Flops

Free and breezy for your feet!

Flip-flop sandals are a must for summer, whether you are on the beach, or by the pool.  They are easy to slide into when you are in a hurry, and ever soooo comfy. 

You will need a pair for each day of the week....or at least to go with every sundress or pair of pedal pushers.

Supplies needed:

  • Applique fabrics -- enough for 2 sets of each flower design

  • Tear-away stabilizer

  • A bobbin wound with the same color embroidery thread as the last color change of each applique flower piece.

  • 4 buttons or beads
     -- 2 of each color

  • Flip-flop sandals of your choice

  • Industrial glue that works on both fabric and plastic.  We used E6000

Embroidery Designs from Embroidery Library:

Sew out two of each part of the flowers using the following method. 

Sew out or print the die line file onto paper. Use the die line to cut out each applique piece from  fabric.

Hoop a piece of medium weight tear-away stabilizer. Sew out the first color change of the embroidery file onto the stabilizer. Spray the back of one appliqu� piece lightly with spray adhesive, and lay it on the stabilizer, on the stitched lines.  

Sew out the top tack-down color change and the front decoration color changes, if any.

Spray the back of the other applique piece lightly with spray adhesive, and carefully remove the hoop from the machine. Stick the piece to the back of the embroidery.


Replace the hoop in the machine and continue to embroider the remaining color changes of the embroidery.  Make sure that you use bobbin thread that is the same as the top thread for the outer satin stitching, which is the last color change.

Here you see the completed embroidery. 

Remove the stabilizer from around the outer perimeter of the flower pieces.

Stack the flower pieces, with the bead/button on top, and stitch the pieces together through all the layers and the button or bead. 

Glue the assembled flowers to the straps of the flip-flops, and allow to dry completely.

Flip-flops are inexpensive, and oh, so much fun!  These will make great favors, too, for summertime beach or Hawaiian-themed parties.  

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Products used in this Project:

A Layered Flowers Design Pack $10.91

Available in 1 Size:

2.66" x 2.66"