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Christmas Stockings

The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there...

Christmas stockings make wonderful gifts, and add unique, decorative touches to your home.

Supplies needed:

  • 1/2 yard of fabric

  • Outline template - download below

Step 1:

Select your fabric.  We chose felt because it's durable, but denim provides a sturdy alternative.  Fleece can add a cozy, warm element to Christmas scenes, too.

Sew out the stocking designs onto your fabric.  Our stockings designs (Elf Stocking and Snow Pals) are available as whole files.  The hoop dimensions to accommodate whole files are 300mmX430mm (11.80"x16.93").  The Elf Stocking, Snow Pals, and Santa & His Team Stocking designs are also available as half files.  Hoops that accommodate half files measure 300mmx290mm (11.80"X11.42").

If you have purchased the stocking design in two parts, please be aware that the two parts have the same start and end points, for easier sewing alignment. Sew Part 1 of the design, which is the top portion, first. An "X" will sew at the bottom of Part 1. This indicates the "shared center" of both parts. We suggest using a straight edge to mark the hoop at the shared center point (we used masking tape). Then re-hoop the design to sew Part 2, which is the bottom portion: loosen the hoop and move fabric up. Then rotate the marked hoop 180 degrees so that the tape on the hoop aligns with the shared center point on the fabric. (Use a straight edge again to check alignment.) Then rotate the fabric with hoop 180 degrees to sew the bottom portion of the stocking. The design itself will have to be rotated 180 degrees as well. Manually drop the needle down onto the shared center point to check the start point alignment. Now you are ready to sew Part 2! 

If your hoop does not accommodate the size of these stocking designs, you may want to split them, or have them split for you.  Visit Marian Ecker at
http://murphysdesigns.bizland.com or Rosanne Berkey at http://www.designsplits.com and ask them about splitting these designs.

Step 2:

Create a stocking template - an outline for the stockings.  
A free stocking template is available for download below.

The template has been split into two files:  top and bottom.  The bottom template is 11.65"X10.14", and the top template is 8.33"X8.45" 
We suggest using a stiff material like cardboard for your template. Cut out the template and place it on top of the sewn out design. Make sure it is the correct size before you start cutting.

Cut your design out using the template as your guide. Trace around the template on the backside of the material. Also use the stocking template to cut out a piece of fabric for the back panel. The back of your stocking can be the same material you sewed the design on, or a complimentary fabric.

If you'd like, you can also use the template to cut out a lining for the inside of your stocking. The lining should be lighter-weight material such as cotton or polyester. Cut two pieces of lining.


Step 3:

Sew out your designs on the stocking template. 

Two inches at the top of the stocking template have been left for you to add a name, decorative trim, or small cuff.

Use a 3/8" seam allowance to sew stocking design and back together. (See diagram.) Leave top open. Then turn right side out. 

Step 4:

For hanger, cut a piece of material that measures 1 1/2" x 5". Fold this strip in half lengthwise, right sides together, and sew along long edge. Then trim seam allowance to 1/4" and turn right side out. Press. Fold hanger in half. With raw edges even, sew folded hanger to inside edge of stocking back, close to seam. (See diagram.)


Lining is optional.  To sew a lining, sew two lining pieces together, leaving top open. Trim seam allowance and clip curve. Press under 1/2" along open top edges of stocking and lining. Put lining into stocking and slip stitch the two together at the top edge.


Take a look at the completed stockings!  They are so full of energy and action.  Santa's Team stocking gives the illusion that the reindeer are flying all the way around the stocking.  The Elves are busy decorating a tree, and the Snow Pals are snowy and cute and filled with personality.  Click on any of the stockings to visit the Christmas Stocking department!

Stocking Template

Place your mouse directly over the link for your machine's format, and click once.  
Choose "save this file to disk" and a save box will appear. Make sure that the 
file's extension matches your machine's format.
The top portion of the stocking template: Size:  8.45"X8.33"
Stitches:  336


The bottom portion of the stocking template: Size:  10.14"X11.65"
Stitches:  449

Click here for a printable version of these project instructions.

You'll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don't have it, you can download a free copy by clicking on the icon below.

Get Acrobat Reader 


Products used in this Project:

Santa & His Team Stocking - Top $4.99

Available in 1 Size:

6.74" x 6.54"

Santa & His Team Stocking- Bottom $6.99

Available in 1 Size:

10.00" x 8.34"

Elf Stocking - Complete $7.99

Available in 1 Size:

9.97" x 13.94"

Elf Stocking - Top $6.99

Available in 1 Size:

5.93" x 8.79"

Elf Stocking- Bottom $6.99

Available in 1 Size:

9.97" x 5.60"

Snow Pals Stocking - Complete $6.99

Available in 1 Size:

9.31" x 14.03"

Snow Pals Stocking - Top $5.99

Available in 1 Size:

6.72" x 7.91"

Snow Pals Stocking- Bottom $5.99

Available in 1 Size:

8.50" x 6.29"

Deer Family Stocking - Complete $6.99

Available in 1 Size:

8.84" x 13.97"

Deer Family Stocking - Top $4.99

Available in 1 Size:

6.37" x 6.86"

Deer Family Stocking - Bottom $5.99

Available in 1 Size:

7.67" x 7.32"