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Jewelry Valet

It's perfect for a getaway!  This  traveling valet keeps all your jewelry at hand, and safe between the padded layers. It has pockets for pins and barrettes, loops for necklaces, and even bars for attaching earrings -- all in one handy kit.

Make one for yourself, of course, then another for a traveling companion or house guest.

Supplies needed:

  • 1 fat quarter each of outer and lining fabrics

  • Two 7-inch zippers

  • Bias tape to match the outer fabric -- one package of single-fold and one of wide double-fold.

  • 1 yard of 1/4-inch wide ribbon.

  • One piece of fiberglass screen fabric, 12 inches by 12 inches -- available at hardware and home improvement stores

  • One piece of craft- weight batting, 9 inches by 18 inches

Embroidery Design from Embroidery Library:

On the outer fabric, mark a rectangle that is 18 inches wide by 9 inches high. Now embroider the design in the center of the marked rectangle. I selected the Peacock design for its elegance and size. It lends itself to metallic thread accents, which are so appropriate for this project.

Cut out the rectangle. Using the same measurements, mark and cut out rectangles of the same dimension from the lining fabric and the batting.

From the screen fabric, cut out 2 strips that are 6 inches wide by 2 inches high, one rectangle that is 6 inches wide by 9 inches high, and a rectangle that is 6 inches wide by 5 inches high.

Divide and mark the lining fabric into thirds for the next steps.

You will use the 2 narrow  strips of screen on the left third of the lining. These will be for hanging earrings. 

Fold the strips in half lengthwise. Stitch one folded rectangle along the top of the left third. Stitch the second folded strip in the center of the left third.

Stitch a strip of single-fold bias tape over the cut edges of the center strip. (The top strip will be covered when the edges of the valet are finished later.)

The larger rectangle of screen goes in the center third of the lining. Divide the center third in half with a marked line. This rectangle of screen is going to make 2 zippered pockets.

On each half of the screen, place a zipper with the right side up, and stitch the zippers down to the screen fabric. 

Shorten the zippers as directed on the zipper package.


Trim the zippers off, and at the back of each zipper, trim the mesh so that the zipper can open. Leave 1/4 inch of mesh to the inside of the stitching lines.



The smaller rectangle of screen goes on the right third of the lining. This will become pockets for necklaces. 

Encase one of the 6-inch sides of the screen piece with a strip of double-fold bias tape. 




Cut 3 three-inch pieces of the ribbon, and fold them in half to create loops. 

Pin the loops to the top of the right third, making sure that they are evenly distributed.



Pin all the pieces of mesh into place on the lining. Stitch around the entire outer edge of the lining piece, and where the pieces meet between the thirds.  This should secure all the screen pieces to the lining, and the 3 ribbons in place.

Use a wide satin stitch to create dividers for the 2 center pockets and for the 3 necklace pockets on the right.

Cover the vertical edges where the thirds meet with single-fold bias tape.

Lay the outer (embroidered) piece out with the wrong side up, and then place the batting on top of it.
Place the assembled lining piece on top of the stack.  Make sure the tops of the pieces are both facing the same direction.

Stitch the layers together along the outer edge of the piece.

Cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon. 

Encase the entire outer edge of the valet with the double-fold bias tape. 

When you get to the right edge (necklace end) of the piece, insert the end of the ribbon piece under the bias tape midway down the side, so that you will stitch it under the bias tape.

Fold the left third in, to cover the center third, then fold in the right third. On the fold, where it meets the ribbon, make a mark to remind you where the second piece of ribbon goes.

Fold over the end of the remaining ribbon, and stitch the folded end to the place where you made the mark.

Hook earrings through the holes in the screen bars.

Place pins and barrettes in the zippered pockets.

Thread necklaces through the ribbon loops, and secure the clasps. Place the pendant ends in the respective pockets for tangle-free toting.

With the north wind howling outside my sewing room window, I am thinking warmly about a winter vacation -- maybe a cruise! 

I will definitely have to bring my jewelry along so I can dress to the nines on formal night. This little valet is going to come in very handy! 

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Products used in this Project:

Victorian Christmas Peacock $5.99 - $6.99

Available in 2 Sizes:

5.87" x 8.32" | 4.87" x 6.88"