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Bath Time Hand Puppets

Bath Time Hand Puppets

Make bath time fun!

"Handy" puppets will make kids and parents smile, because they can help teach good bathing habits, and tell a fun story in the process.  You can also create cloth hand puppets for use at school, church, or for playtime at home.

Puppet designs are available in two sizes:  adult and child.  Begin by sewing a puppet design on your choice of fabric.  For bath mitts, sew on one washcloth, and use another for the back.

The zipped file of each puppet design contains a file that includes the letters '_DL.'  The 'DL' stands for 'dieline,' and it is an outline that shows the design/puppet shape.  Print the dieline of the design, and cut around the shape.  Then center it over the embroidery design.  You may wish to use transparent paper so you can see the embroidery through the paper.  Trace around the template.

Cut the fabric.  Then cut a back piece.  Put the front and back pieces together, right sides facing each other.  Using a 3/8" seam allowance, sew the front and back together, leaving the opening at the bottom for a hand.

The curve between the body and arms of the puppet is a high-stress area.  You may wish to add a second line of stitching in that area.

Clip the curves and turn the puppet right side out.  Hem the bottom of the puppet for finish.

Re-enact classic fairy tales with these puppets, or invent new ones!

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Products used in this Project:

A Puppets Design Pack $18.97

Available in 2 Sizes:

5.02" x 9.10" | 3.87" x 6.89"