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Sleepover Bag


Whether it's nap time at daycare, or a sleepover with a friend, kids will love this cozy little sleeping sack. 

Soft and warm, it will become a special spot, all their own. Personalize it with the child's favorite things and it will be an instant hit.

Supplies needed:

  • 1 2/3 yards of 60" wide Polar Fleece

  • 3 1/3 yards of 45" wide or 1 2/3 yards of 60" wide print fabric.

  • 1 yard of 1 1/2" wide elastic

  • 30" of trim

  • 30"- 36" zipper, non-separating. 

Embroidery design 


Lay out the Polar Fleece with the right sides out, and fold it so that the selvages meet on the right side. 

Mark a center point for the embroidery that is 18" from the top edge of the fabric, and centered on half the width of the fabric.

Sew out the embroidery onto the top layer of the fleece.

If you are using 60" lining fabric, skip to the next step

If you are using 45" wide lining fabric, cut out 2 rectangles that are 30" wide by 60" long.  With the right sides together, Stitch the rectangles together along one long side using a 1/2" seam allowance.

Layout the fleece with the right side up, then lay out the lining piece on top of the fleece with the right side down. 

Pin the pieces together along the top edge, and along the sides. Make a mark on each side, 40" from the top edge.

Using a 1/2" seam allowance, start stitching the layers together at one 40" mark, and sew up from the mark to the top, across the top of the bag, and down to the other 40" mark. 

Turn the bag right side out.  The top, and most of each side will have a nice edge;  the bottom and 20" of each side will be open.

Press the edge flat with a medium-low iron, and then top stitch the top 4" of each side, and the top edge of the bag.

Fold the bag so that the side edges meet.  Starting 4" from the top of each side, sew the zipper into the bag. 

Cut the elastic in half, and then fold each piece in half, meeting the cut edges.

Turn the bag inside out. Where the bottom seam will be, place the elastic loops between the polar fleece layers into one half of the bag. Evenly space the elastic bands so they will secure the bag when it is rolled up. 

Stitch the remainder of the side and the bottom of the bag together. Make sure that the elastics are incorporated into the bottom seam

Here you can see the elastic loops sticking out from the bottom seam, after the bag has been turned right side out.

Stitch the trim, 3" from the top of the bag, above the embroidery.

Roll the bag up, as you would a sleeping bag, secure with the elastic bands, and you can tote it everywhere.


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