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Embroidered Toilet Paper

project submitted by Sharon Clark

Purely a novelty, embroidered toilet paper is great for a gift basket - perfect with coordinating items for a shower or birthday...and unforgettable as a gag gift!

Take this along on your vacation travels as a gift for your hosts. They'll surely "roll out" the red carpet for your next visit!

Supplies Needed:

  • 4" by 4" hoop

  • One roll of two-ply toilet paper

  • Two 8" by 7" pieces of cut-away stabilizer

  • One 8" by 7" medium-weight, water-soluble stabilizer

  • Embroidery design of choice (I used the elk head from Embroidery Library). Select a design that is not too dense, otherwise the paper will tear.


Roll out the toilet paper, positioning so it rolls from the top not from underneath. Take the first three perfect squares and fold under so the layer is doubled.  Make sure it is even and smooth.

Place one of the cut-away stabilizer pieces on top of the bottom of your hoop. Now center bottom hoop under the doubled toilet paper squares, and center it where you want the design.


Place the water-soluble stabilizer on top of toilet paper, and put the top hoop on, gently hooping together.


Hook the hoop to your machine; be sure the toilet paper has enough slack to move without tearing and is flowing the right way (toilet paper should be standing with the unrolling come from the outside.


Select your design, and put in a new needle. Once it is ready to embroider, slip the other piece of cut-away stabilizer underneath the hoop to give it extra stability.



When you are finished embroidering, Gently tear away the water-soluble stabilizer and trim the away the excess stabilizer from the back. Roll the paper back up so it looks like it came straight from the package.

Have fun and, remember, if for some reason you make a mistake, just tear off the square and start over. That's the beauty of it.   

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Products used in this Project:

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