Embroidery Library

Lotus Tea Light Holder (Lace)
Lace Bunny Ears Headband
3D Lace & Organza Little Angels
Freestanding Embroidery with Battenburg Lace
Snowflake Tea Light Holder (Battenburg Lace)
Lace Towel Topper
Star of Bethlehem Tree Topper (In-the-Hoop)
Winged Lace Scissors
Spiral Flower in 3D (Lace)
3D Lovely Lace Lantern
Lace Towel Border
Freestanding Embroidery (In-the-Hoop)
3D Lace Deer Head
3D Lace Birds (Cotton and Rayon)
3D Lace & Fabric Santa
3D Lace and Organza Snowman
Ruffled Brooch (Battenburg Lace)
3D Freestanding Lace Cat
Lace & Organza Ornament Cover
Lace & Organza Wings
Birdcage in 3D (Lace)
Pagoda Lantern in 3D (Lace)
Lace & Organza Ornament
3D Lace and Organza Poinsettia
3D Lace and Organza Angel
3D Freestanding Lace Tulip
3D Freestanding Lace Daffodil
3D Freestanding Lace Calla Lily
3D Freestanding Lace Peony
Freestanding Lace Jewelry box