Embroidery Library

Lace Bunny Ears Headband
Cardstock Gift Card Holder
3D Freestanding Lace Cat
Luxury Applique
Wedding Cake Pincushion, In-the-Hoop
Freestanding Lace Jewelry box
Freestanding Lace Envelope Sleeve
Candy Holders (In-the-Hoop)
Treat Holders (In-the-Hoop)
Easter Egg Bag
Fall for Fabric Pumpkins
On-the-Edge Tote Bag (Applique Design)
On-the-Edge Tote Bag (Stitch-filled Design
Freestanding Lace Bunting
Candy Huggers (In-the-Hoop)
Seasonal Silhouette Luminary
In-the-Hoop Boots
Masks, In-the-Hoop
Battenburg Lace Crowns
Trick-or-Treat Ruffle Tote
Fringed Burlap Table Linens
Gratitude Wreath
Jar and Candle Wraps
Rag Quilt Trick-or-Treat Bag
Beautiful Bunting
Napkin Pocket Placemat
Tea Light Wraps, In-the-Hoop
Crazy Quilt Trick-or-Treat Bag
Applique Turkey with Ribbons
Festive Flower Bag