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Color Change Sheet

Name: Crazy Patchwork Butterfly (Heirloom Applique) Product ID: Y5349
Size: 5.14"(w) x 4.88"(h) (130.6 x 124 mm) Color Changes: 15
Stitches: 12331 Colors Used: 5
Product Comments: Thread numbers listed below refer to Madeira 40 weight rayon thread. Use the free Thread Exchange to find equivalents from Madeira to other brands of thread.

For instructions for stitching crazy quilt applique, click here.

Color / Thread Changes

CC1:Velvet Violet #1032
  lower wing dieline 
CC9:Margarita Lime #1248
  upper left wing detail dieline 
CC2:Velvet Violet #1032
  lower wing tackdown 
CC10:Margarita Lime #1248
  upper left wing detail tackdown 
CC3:Purple Pansy #1033
  lower left wing dieline 
CC11:Margarita Lime #1248
  upper right wing detail dieline 
CC4:Purple Pansy #1033
  lower left wing tackdown 
CC12:Margarita Lime #1248
  upper right wing detail tackdown 
CC5:Purple Pansy #1033
  lower right wing dieline 
CC13:Purple Pansy #1033
  upper wing detail 
CC6:Purple Pansy #1033
  lower right wing tackdown 
CC14:Margarita Lime #1248
  lower wing detail 
CC7:Scarlet Rose #1184
  upper wing dieline 
CC15:Madeira Metallic Light Yellow Gold #4006
  outer borders, butterfly body, wing detail 
CC8:Scarlet Rose #1184
  upper wing tackdown 

Unique Colors Used

  Velvet Violet #1032  Margarita Lime #1248
  Purple Pansy #1033  Madeira Metallic Light Yellow Gold #4006
  Scarlet Rose #1184

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