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Color Change Sheet

Name: Free-Flying Spanish Festoon (In-the-Hoop) Product ID: M19532
Size: 4.91"(w) x 2.68"(h) (124.6 x 68.1 mm) Color Changes: 8
Stitches: 27510 Colors Used: 5
Product Comments: Thread numbers listed below refer to Madeira 40 weight rayon thread. Use the free Thread Exchange to find equivalents from Madeira to other brands of thread.

For instructions for stitching this freestanding butterfly, click here.

Color / Thread Changes

CC1:Daisy #1083
CC5:Tomato Red #1146
  wing spots 
CC2:Military Gold #1025
  wing shading 
CC6:Emerald Black #1000
  line detail, body 
CC3:Emerald Black #1000
  wing shading, detail 
CC7:Root Beer #1230
  body shading 
CC4:Daisy #1083
  wing detail 
CC8:Military Gold #1025
  body spots 

Unique Colors Used

  Daisy #1083  Tomato Red #1146
  Military Gold #1025  Root Beer #1230
  Emerald Black #1000

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