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Color Change Sheet

Name: We Are Grateful Product ID: L8695
Size: 7.81"(w) x 7.7"(h) (198.4 x 195.5 mm) Color Changes: 5
Stitches: 16919 Colors Used: 5
Product Comments: Thread numbers listed below refer to Madeira 40 weight rayon thread. Use the free Thread Exchange to find equivalents from Madeira to other brands of thread.

Color / Thread Changes

CC1:Crocus #1235
CC4:Sweet Potato #1179
CC2:Watermelon #1354
  'We', inside hearts 
CC5:Magenta #1310
CC3:Conch Shell #1220
  heart outlines 

Unique Colors Used

  Crocus #1235  Sweet Potato #1179
  Watermelon #1354  Magenta #1310
  Conch Shell #1220

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