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Color Change Sheet

Name: Christmas Tree Swirls Neckline (Crewneck) Product ID: D8582
Size: 9.41"(w) x 5.09"(h) (239.1 x 129.4 mm) Color Changes: 8
Stitches: 18881 Colors Used: 7
Product Comments: Thread numbers listed below refer to Madeira 40 weight rayon thread. Use the free Thread Exchange to find equivalents from Madeira to other brands of thread.

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Color / Thread Changes

CC1:Leek #1099
CC5:Celery #1048
  large tree outer border 
CC2:Light Emerald Green #1101
  tree fills 
CC6:Barn Red #1038
  small tree outer borders 
CC3:Super White #1001
  inner tree borders 
CC7:Baby Chick #1135
CC4:Golden Oak #1056
  tree trunk 
CC8:Leek #1099

Unique Colors Used

  Leek #1099  Celery #1048
  Light Emerald Green #1101  Barn Red #1038
  Super White #1001  Baby Chick #1135
  Golden Oak #1056

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