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Embroidery Library Free Designs

Free designs are shown below. Sample Embroidery Library's top-notch quality, and become familiar with ordering and downloading designs, too!

Brrr Snowman
Free through January 31, 2017!
  Winter Bird Stack
Free through January 31, 2017!

A sweet snowman holds a "Brrr" bunting in this frosty design. Add the adorable winter motif to door hangings, blankets, and more!


Winter tweets wearing their finest cool weather couture are stacked on top of one another in this fabulous design.

Available in three sizes:
5.63" x 7.80" and 4.85" x 6.72" and 2.79" x 3.86"
  Available in three sizes:
5.13" x 9.41" and 3.76" x 6.86" and 2.12" x 3.87"

Below are some frequently asked questions about the free designs. If you have a question that isn't answered below, check the HELP page. And, if you don't find the answer there, be sure to send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com. We'll be glad to answer your question!


Q: What happens if I have a free design in my shopping basket and don't check out of the website before the design returns to regular price?

A: The design stays in your shopping basket, and the prices change. For example, imagine that you add a free design to your basket on July 15th, and the design is free through July 31st. On August 1st you return to the website and check your shopping basket. A note in red will appear on the top advising you that prices in your basket have changed, and you'll see that the free design is no longer free. Purchase the design if you wish, or remove it from your basket.

Our advice is that you add free designs to your shopping basket and check out of the site fast, before you forget about 'em!


Q: How many free designs are there, and how often are there new ones?

A: There are usually two free designs each month. We post new free designs around the first of each month. Generally the designs are free through the last day of the month, but there are some exceptions. Look for the "free through" date posted near each free design.


Q: Are the free designs archived, and can I download designs from previous months?

A: No, there are no archives of free designs. After a design is free for one month, it's moved into the "for sale" departments. Free designs are offered so that people who are new to Embroidery Library can practice downloading designs, opening files, uploading to their embroidery machine, and also sample the quality of our product.


Q: Which format should I choose for my machine?

A: On the HELP page there's a large (and growing!) list of machines and the format that each machine uses. Click here to find it. If you don't see your machine listed, then contact your dealer or machine manufacturer and ask them which format your machine reads. Then, send an email to us (stitch@emblibrary.com) with your machine type and format, and we'll add it to the list on the HELP page.


Q: Can I sell things with Embroidery Library designs -- including the free designs?

A: Yes, you certainly can -- and we wish you much success! When you order a design from  Embroidery Library you're actually getting a license. That license dictates what you can and cannot do with the design. Here are the licensing terms and policy:

When you purchase a design from the Embroidery Library, you are purchasing a license to embroider that design. Anything that you make with the design embroidered on it can be used for personal use, given as a gift, donated to charity, or sold. There is no limit to the number of times that you can use the design, no "bulk licenses" are necessary. The digital design file that you downloaded may not be transferred to anyone else, in any manner. It cannot be shared, traded, sold, given away, or auctioned.

As long as embroiderers comply with this licensing policy, Embroidery Library can continue to create the fantastic designs that you've come to enjoy, and sell them at the low prices that you love.


More questions and answers can be found on the HELP page. If your question isn't answered on the HELP page, then let us know! Our email address is stitch@emblibrary.com.

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