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An Arma-Dilly of a Jacket!


Introducing Paulanne, aka The Armadillo Lady, and creator of the fabulous armadillo jacket!  Originally from the Midwest, when Paulanne moved to Texas she witnessed a curious creature....

Says Paulanne, "On the trip down to Texas, we kept seeing all these dead creatures on the side of the road. I made my husband stop the car to see what they were. They were armadillos! It seems they have poor eyesight and jump when frightened. Unfortunately, when they get on the highway and a car approaches, they jump and then they are history!"

Thirty-seven years later and back in the Midwest, Paulanne still remains fascinated by armadillos and it has become a tradition for friends and family to continue adding items to her already enormous collection of armadillo collectibles!

Constructing her cozy jacket from corduroy, flannel, and denim, Paulanne made it even more cuddly by adding a layer of natural cotton batting. The final touch was a border of alternating armadillos and cactuses.

What a unique and personal way to express your love for armadillos, Paulanne!

She used her Viking Designer SE to stitch out the Armadillo and Cactus designs.  Mosey down the page to see them.

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