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Learn all about stabilizer options, needles, and design choice for great results when embroidering these lightweight towels!

Hang a sweet Topsy Towel from an oven handle or towel rack to brighten any kitchen lickety-split.



Transform a tea towel into a pillow cover, in just a few simple steps! You'll want to stitch one for every room of the house.

Add a colorful fabric border to a tea towel for a crafty coordinating effect and a striking addition to kitchen decor.




Colorful tea towels are perfect for turning into stylish and sturdy tote bags. See how easy it is to make your own tea towel tote!


Waffle weave is a popular fabric for towels, and a breeze to embroider with these helpful tips.



This article shows the joys and tricks of lightening up your stitching, with oodles of great examples!


The Fabrics 101 articles are an excellent guide for your stitching projects, and you can find them all here.

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