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Hello :

Celebrate Embroidery Library's 15th birthday (and National Embroidery Month) with a storewide party!

This week's new designs are ready, and there are also excellent coupons for you to get great discounts on your favorite designs and packs at www.emblibrary.com:

A coupon for machine embroidery desgins.   A coupon for machine embroidery desgins.

Add your favorite designs to your basket, and use the Party10 code to get 10 designs for only $1.15 each! Place your order and download your discounted designs. You can use this code up to three times before it expires on February 12th, 11:59 pm Central time.

Add 2, 4, 6, 8, or more of your favorite design packs to your basket. Use the Bogo15 coupon code to get one at regular price, and one for only 15 cents. You can use this code up to three times too!

Apply either discount code in your basket before completing your order. Use one code per order; these codes expire on February 12th, 11:59 pm Central time. Visit the SALE page for more details!

Now, read about this week's new designs and free tutorials:

Crafty Crests & Sewing Rules - New Today!

Celebrate embroidery and all things crafty with new crest designs. They're inspired by heraldry and coats of arms, and have an excellent twist. These clever designs use elements such as thread spools, pin cushions, glue guns, tape measures, thimbles, and more, to form crests that every embroiderer will love.

Stitch these designs onto shirtfronts to express your creative and crafty life. They're a great fit for tote bags, too, as well as colorful framed pieces for your sewing room.

Click here to find these new designs!


Your favorite words of wisdom, quotes, and quips are available now! Each is framed in a bright and colorful assortment of sewing and embroidery notions.

Choose As ye sew, so shall ye rip, Runs with scissors, With enough fabric I could rule the world, and many more. They're delightful on an embroidery-themed quilt, as features on pillow shams, or a wall hanging for your crafty space.

There are 25 new designs in this theme, and each is sure to bring smiles and giggles to those that sew, quilt, embroider, knit, or crochet. Click here to find these new designs, and order them today!



Embroiderers loved the birds carrying flowers, leaves, snowflakes, and Christmas ornaments. Now these feathered friends are back, soaring through the air with thread, buttons, hoops, and quilt blocks.

Bright sewing supplies stream from the birds' beaks as they survey the creative landscape. Bird lovers and stitchers alike will love these designs!

Choose cardinals, finches, robins, and chickadees. You can order the designs individually, or there's a pack with all 13 designs. Click here to find these designs, new today!

Celebrate embroidery with a
colorful array of new designs!

Denim Pocket Organizer - Free Instructions!

Here's a charming, crafty, and colorful way to spruce up your sewing space, and keep tools in an easy-to-find place.

Kenny used denim pockets as organizers, and added the new Sewing Rules designs. Then, he affixed the pockets to cotton and arranged them in a crafty square. Needles, scissors, marking tools, tape measures, and more, can be tucked inside.

Fun and functional, creative and crafty. Kenny explains each step in this free tutorial so that you can make one of your own. Click here for more details!

A creative and crafty way to keep your sewing room organized!

New Fabrics 101: Embroidering on Muslin
Free project instructions

I'm pleased as punch to let you know that another new Fabrics 101 article has just been added to the collection! This week we put muslin to the test, and explore all of its strengths and weaknesses. See what kind of designs work best on muslin, and what kind of stabilizer will get you picture-perfect results.

A link to the Fabrics 101 articles can be found on the HELP page. Each article discusses stabilizer, design choice, and needle choice. Use these articles as a reference before beginning a project. I've created a quick-view chart of the articles here. The chart will be updated as we add more fabrics to this collection.

They're free for you, and excellent resources for your projects!

Links to the Fabrics 101 articles, including a new quick-view chart, can be found on the HELP page.

The Highlight Reels!

How can you find designs at Embroidery Library? Let me count the ways! If you like to browse, click your way to the New This Week, New Last Week, and Best Sellers tabs. If you prefer to search, type a keyword into the search box on the upper left of www.emblibrary.com.

Each week we also offer the "highlight" reels. Look for those links on the home page at www.emblibrary.com. Those links take you to top artistic trends and themes that you may not have seen before. This week's highlights include:

**Sunbonnet Sue! Sunbonnet Sue, and her pal Fisherman Fred, are among the most beloved characters in sewing and quilting. They began as illustrations for children's schoolbooks, and then found a crafty nook as applique designs on quilts.

Embroidery Library has hundreds of Sue and Fred designs, ranging from quick-stitch Redwork to applique to "regular" stitch-filled. Click here to find the top trending Sue designs, and to find more, use the search box on the upper left. Type in the keywords Sunbonnet Sue (or, Fisherman Fred) and browse through these sweet, classic designs.

**Crafty Love! Celebrate National Embroidery Month and express your hobby and craft. Borders, crafty clotheslines, and contemporary light-stitching designs express a love of embroidery, knitting, sewing, quilting, and more, in a colorful and artful display.

More designs in this style can be found in the Sewing category here.

**Tools of the Trade! It's oh-so-fun to stitch the tools of our trade onto shirts, totes, bunting, wall hangings, and framed pieces for the sewing room.

Here you'll find a small variety of the sewing-related designs at Embroidery Library. To find many, many more, browse through the departments in the Sewing category.

Let your creativity run wild! And share pictures of your crafty projects with us - we'd love to see them. Send photos to stitch@emblibrary.com.

Links on the Home page of Embroidery Library will bring
you to hits and highlights!

**New Message Center** Take a look at the top of www.emblibrary.com, and you'll see a link that says "Message Center." Promotional emails (like the one that you're reading right now) will be stored there for you for 30 days. If you've deleted a promo email by accident, you'll have a backup in your Message Center at the website.

Thanks to all who shared their comments and compliments about the new layout for browsing and searching for designs. We're rearranging things in an effort to make the website more streamlined, intuitive, and easy to use. I'll keep you posted on all changes, from major to minor. We have many exciting ideas for improvement on "the list" that are all based on customer requests. I appreciate your thoughts, observations, and feedback so very much. You help to make the website a great place!

Now, you are cordially invited to come and celebrate Embroidery Library's 15th birthday - and National Embroidery Month. Click here and start shopping now!

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