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Embroidery Library high quality low cost designs

Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate

Hello !

February is
Embroidery Library's 18th birthday, and it's National Embroidery Month, too! We appreciate you so much, and are excited to share the celebration with an exciting new collection of crafty designs! On sale now at our special birthday price:

Only $1.18 Each!

These new designs are on sale now through Tuesday, February 9 at 11:59 pm Central time.

Sophisticated sewing motifs are gorgeous ways to give your crafting space elegant, eye-catching appeal. Dress form designs, sewing machines, scissors, and more are beautiful on pillows, wall hangings, and machine covers. Get them now -- only $1.18 each!

 Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate


 Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate


Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate

On sale now: $1.18!   On sale until Feb. 9: $1.18!   On sale now: $1.18!

Crafty notions in the stunning whitework style add flourishing beauty to these creative designs. They're striking additions to a quilt, series of framed pieces, or other sewing room decor.

 Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate


 Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate


 Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate

On sale until Feb. 9: $1.18!   On sale now: $1.18!   On sale until Feb. 9: $1.18!

Bring a charming look to your tote bags, pillows, and wall hangings with these cute-and-crafty designs. Collages, sayings, and adorable owls are all new, and on sale for only $1.18 each!

Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate


 Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate


Embroidery Library - Sewing Sophisticate

On sale now: $1.18!   On sale until Feb. 9: $1.18!   On sale now: $1.18!

Free project instructions for embroidering a sewing machine cover.

Free Tutorial: Sewing Machine Cover

Showcase your sewing machine in style with this sophisticated cover!

A handy pocket holds all your sewing needs, while adjustable measurements and side closures allow you to customize the cover to your machine make and model.

Find the free project instructions in this tutorial.

Embroidery Library - Craft-stravaganza Sale!

Craft-stravaganza Sale: $1.18 Each!

Keep the celebration going with a craft-tastic new sale! We've hand-picked over 200 designs and put them on sale, just for you -- only $1.18 each!

Sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, and more -- this sale has it all! Embroider these crafty designs on tote bags, pillows, and other sewing room decor.

This sale ends Tuesday, February 9 at 11:59 pm Central time.

Celebrate Embroidery Library's 18th Birthday!

Celebrate Embroidery Library's 18th Birthday!

We're thrilled to celebrate our 18th birthday with you, and are kicking off the festivities with an extra-special treat: new birthday cupcake designs!

Each of these designs are on sale for only $1.18 each, and are perfect for kitchen projects, birthday decorations, and more! This cupcake design comes in four styles: stitch-filled, applique, a bottle apron, and a napkin holder.

Click here to find them now!

New Video: Embroidering on Oilcloth: Oilcloth fabric, also known as vinyl, is a fabulous waterproof fabric that's great for making placemats, coasters, and more. Master embroidering on oilcloth in our newest video! And don't forget to subscribe to us on YouTube!

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Questions, comments, ideas, burst of inspiration? Tell us all about it! Send your excellent suggestions and ideas to us: stitch@emblibrary.com.

Embroidery Library

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