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Stitchers Showcase Projects
Search Results for 'Winter': 375 returned for Winter
Top o' the Towels
An Icy Warm Quilt
Smiling Snowmen Door Hangers

Classy Cardinal Cushion
Warm-Up to Winter Wall Hanging
Let It Snow Tote Bag

Winter Wolves Sweatshirt
Peaceful, Playful Project
Tea Towel

Winter Evergreen Sweatshirt
Speedy Snowmen Table Linens
Snowman Sweatshirt

Snuggly Snowman Rag Quilt
Keeping Cozy Shirts
Winter Wonder Quilt

Snuggly Bunny Tissue Box Cover
Scattered Snowmen Jacket
All About Winter Quilt

Snowflake Gift Exchange
Simple Snowy Sweatshirt
Raggedy Snowman Quilt

Adorable Butterfly Hats
First Snowfall Sweatshirt
Icy Blue Snow Sweatshirt

Step-by-Step Snowman Table Topper
Icy January Table Topper
Sunbonnet Sue and Sparkling Snowflakes

Rustic Snowman
Pinecone Pizzazz Jacket
Sweet (Treats) Dreams For The Holidays

Snowmen Splendor Quilt
Flowing Snowing Cape
A Corncob Hat and A Button Nose

Snowy Cheer Sweatshirt
Hanukkah Snowfall Towel Set
Soft Fleece Scarves

Winter Wonders
Cardinal Flock Pillow
Snowflake Kisses Sweatsuit

Free-Motion Snow Card
Snow Kids Quilts
Cool and Crazy Baby Jumper

Wintry Cheer Dress
Festive Lace Flock
Bluebirds for Every Season Towels

Ever-Green Penguin Jacket
Winter Song Wall Hanging
Classic Cardinal Sweatshirt

Snowman Wears His Heart on His Scarf
Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Got Snow? Scarf

Sleighing in the Snow Globe
Amauti Coat for Two
Winter Chickadees Quilt

Chistmas Tree Cocoa Napkin
Outdoor Winter Activities Scene
Birds A-Plenty

Winter Wonderland Wall-Hanging
Playful Penguins
Sparkly Art Nouveau Stockings

Comfortable Hanukkah
The Many Faces of Snowmen
Meowy Christmas Cat Towels

Stocking Extravaganza
Snowmen Door Hangers
Country Christmas at Night Scene

Christmas Tree Table Runner
Intricate Ice Snowflakes
Spreading the Cheer Placemats

Shirt for Playful Person
Snowy Apron
Fashionably Warm Sweater-Jacket

Santa Stash
Winter Sentiments Displayed
Joyful Winter Wall-hanging

Award Winning Wall Hanging
Birds for the Winter
Winter Birds

Cheerful Christmas Towels
Wintery Placemats
Cold Weather Prevention

Crafty Christmas Stockings and Cards
Sew When It Snows
Peaceful, Loving, Joyful Snowmen

Colorful Christmas Towels
Embroidered Note Card
Merry Cardinal Towel

Christmas Candles
Silent Night Story
Magical Christmas Towels

Peace and Love Wall Hangings
Winter Wildlife Wall-Hanging
His and Hers Times Three

Cool Blue Quilt
Snowflakes in Pink
Swirling Christmas Aprons

Tis the Season Table Topper
Building Teamwork
For Every Season, A Wall Hanging

Warm Winter Welcome
We Believe in Santa!
Molly is Ready for Winter Fun

Calling Bird Towel
Autumn and Winter Bird Sweatshirts

Going All Out for Christmas
Quilted Christmas Mug Rugs
Three Wise Snowmen Sweater

Soothing Gift for Any Occasion
All My Friends Are Flakes
Frosty and Festive Cards

Blanket of Snowmen
Bright and Warm Winter Jacket
Cardinals in the Kitchen

Colorful Christmas
Wintry Tote and Kindle Cover
Lace Snowflake Napkins

Scottish Scottish Santa
Toile Scene Towels
Scarves for Snowy Weather

Winter Wall Hanging
Winter Sweatshirts
Christmas Star Wreath Cushion

Winter is Beautiful Too Table Runner
Clever and Crafty Christmas Card Holders
Lace Creations

Sweet Dreams of a White Christmas
Metallic Winter Toile
Frosty Fleece Scarf

Simply Snowflakes Sweatshirts
Dazzling Christmas Coasters
Fun Winter Towels

Christmas Towels Extraordinaire
Call of the Loon Pillow
Sweet Snowman Table Topper

Intricate Ice Snowflakes Quilt
Decking the Halls with Poinsettia Pillows
Crafty Candy Cane Holders

Great Holiday Decor Idea
Winter is Coming
Framing the Clauses

Happy Snowflake Faces
Wintertime Escapades
Everybirdie Welcome Door Hanger

Love of Nature Quilt
Chickadee Wall Hanging
Moose on the Loose

Christmas Spirit Candle Mat
Icicle Ornaments
Winter in Toile

Snow Globe Ornament
Let It Snow Indeed
Let It Snow Scarf

Frosty Fun Sweatshirt Cardigan
Snowy Chickadees
Winter Wonderland Stitchoff

Light and Lively Christmas Towels
Creative Comforts
Whirling and Warm Sweatshirt

A Sweet Holiday Sweatshirt
A Little Snow in July
A Sweet Perch for Birds (and Keys)

A Coat for Poppy
Bearing Up in Winter Sweatshirts
Frosty's Frolics Quilt

Winter Welcome
Beautiful Bargain
Party Animal Pillow

Snowflakes Falling
Herman Hamster Sweatshirt
Merry Christmas Tree in Lace

Stockings with Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Waiting for Spring
Snowy Wall Hanging

Refrigerator Snowmen
Double-Duty Pillow Wrap
Let It Snow Card Holder

A Winter Flurries Quilt
Penguins and a Stocking
Let It Snow Pillows

Frosty and Festive Gift Tags
Quilt for Baby Girl
Snowman Quilt

Frosty and Fashionable Snowflake Pillow
Christmas Cardinals Play in Snow
Cozy Snowflake Sweatshirt

Snowman and Bluebird Pillow
Radiant Reindeer Decor
Lolli-hop Holders

Winter Wonderland Wall Hanging
Winter Wonderland Pillow
Poinsettia Table Topper

Deck the Halls - and Shirts - for the Holidays!
Staying Warm with Style
Snowy Sweatshirt

A Birthday Princess
Christmas Candle Wrap
Warm Up To Winter Quilt!

Frosty Fashion Tree Skirt
Snow Bath
Handsome Quilted Table Topper

All Decked Out for Christmas
Embroidered Advent Calendar
Black & White Stockings

Cardinal by Rambo
Hand Towels on Hand
Fleece Feliz Flutterby

Gold Standard Quilt Panels
Nestled Up in Christmas Pillows
Fairy Frost Wall Hanging

Nestled Up in Christmas Card Holder
Coasting Through Winter
North Pole Towel Set

Snow Sports
Sweet Treat Christmas Towels
Christmas Rose Jacket

Quick Stitch Gifts
Snowmen in the Kitchen
Quick Warm Up

Snowman in the Kitchen
Festive Christmas Pillows
Poinsettias in the Sun

Holiday Trio
'Tis the Season for Snowflakes
Christmas Spirit Wall Hangings

Let It Snow PJs
Patchwork Winter
A Real Doll

Year Round Christmas Carol
Winter Fun Table Runners
Christmas Holly Placemats

Country Christmas Cushion
Wreathed in Holly
Snowman Train Mantle Scarf

Adding Christmas to the Kitchen
Blue Christmas Lap Quilt
Bright Chanukah Wall Hangings

Sparkling Winter Quilt
Cardinal in Boughs and Berries
Warm Up to Winter

Retro Christmas Table Runner
Pretty Christmas Pillow Wrap
Christmas in France Scarf

Put Your Mug Here
Light & Lacy Snow
Fa La La Festive Fleece Scarves

Pretty as a Picture
Let It Snow Table Topper
Beautiful Holiday Towels

Happy Dish Towel
Frosty Fashion Towel Set
Cardinals in Flight

Snowflakes on Pillows
Christmas Treats Totes
Christmas Splendor

Christmas Gifts and Pillow Party
Brilliant Candle
Let It Snow Table Topper

Family Love Quilts
Winter Decor
Poinsettia Shimmer

Deck the Halls Wall Hangings
Cozy Snowman Wall Hanging
A Gift of Love

Flying Junco
Snowy Toile Sweatshirt
Fleece Scarves Galore

Bird Songs
Winter Chickadees on Pine Boughs
Vintage Holly Table Topper

Winter Decor Snowmen
Battenburg Lace Beauty
Hometown Snowman

Crafty Christmas Backdrop
Battenburg Lace Doily
Applique Saves the Day

Holiday Hand Towels
Tres Chic Winter Shopper
Winter Chickadees Sweatshirt

Wrapped Up in Winter Cat Sweatshirt
Winter Penguin Wear
Snowman Toile Towels

Shimmering Icicles
A Bright Jacobean Banner
Church Table Linens

Cozy Counting Sheep
White Christmas Poinsettia
I'd Rather Be Quilting Badges

Birds of Winter Quilt
Holiday Door Hanger
Festive Christmas Banners

Crazy for Christmas Pillow
Winter Scene Pillows
Toasty Snowmen Wall Hanging

Bluework Birds of Winter
Light Bright Embroidery
Wintry Mini-Quilt

Holly Jolly Table Linens
Musical Snowflakes
Star-Studded Snowman Ornament

Suzani Snowflakes
Sweet, Snowy Table Runner
Winter Spruce-Up

Snowman Toile Napkins
Chance of Sprinkles
Snowman Toile Pillows

Cozy Snowmen
Poinsettia Project
Delicate, Elegant Christmas Cards

Christmas Table Decor
Simply Snowman Coaster
Cardinal Friend

Let It Snow Sweatshirt
Snowflake Beauty
Christmas Dining Decor

Frosty and Fringed Pillow
Bluework Lap Quilt
Delft Blue Christmas Church

Wintry Wonderland in Toile
Hearts and Ribbons
Snowmen In-the-Hoop Door Hangers

Upcycled Mittens
Cardinal and Winter Branch
Flurry of Lace

Whooooo Wants a Fleece Scarf?
Embroidery Cheer
Busy Beaver Handknit Sweater

Front Hall Flakes
It's Snowing Buttons
Let It Snow

Snowflake Whimsy Shirt
Snowy Owl Pillow
Snowflakes on Fleece

Festive Blanket Array
Cozy Country Snowman Wall Hanging
Frosty Fun Quilt

Winter Fresh Quilt
Everybirdy Welcome
Friendly Snowmen Quilt

Christmas in Battenburg Lace
Merry Blue Christmas Wall Hanging
Snow-Loving Owl Purse

Cardinal Rule Pillow
Holly Jolly Christmas Towel
Delft Blue Lighthouse Quilt

Snowy Christmas Wall Hanging
Sparkling Mylar Christmas
Snowy Scarf

Wonderful Winter Table Topper
Snowman In Many Colors Quilt
Peeking Snowman Towel Set

Country Snowman Wall Hanging
Snowmen Are Cool
Warm Up To Winter Scarves

Snow-Lovers' Quilt
Frosty and Fabulous Placemats
Whooooo Loves a Pretty Jacket?

Wrapped Up In Winter Wear
Oh-Snow-Chic Pillow
Sparkling Snowflake Vest

Beauty In Blue Table Topper
Frosty Floral Purse
Cozy Fleece Pocket Pillows

Classic Christmas Frame-Up
Lace Napkin Rings
Winter is Coming

Christmas Bird Placemats
Santa Splendor
Nativity in Blue

Snowman Paradise Towels
Winter Songbird
Let it Snow Table Runner

Wintry Wolf Sweatshirt
Inky Snowman
Midwinter Blues Ornaments

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