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Trains! Choo, Choo!
New this week

All Aboard!

Step right up, and have your tickets ready, please, because this week the Embroidery Library takes you for a ride aboard steaming, chugging trains. Together we'll ride across the land and explore the rich history of the rails.

Take special note this week of train front and back designs, in stitch embroidery and applique. An applique train and caboose, engineered by a cuddly bunny, makes a great accent to children's clothing. A roaring, hulking engine is perfect for an adult's shirtfront, and of course, you'll find a caboose for a rear view. Plus, a new alphabet features letters teetering on train cars, and can be connected by an engine and caboose!

While your engineer is conducting trains in the hobby room or basement, you can sew a fantastic train scene using a series of cars, tracks, mountain ranges, cows, and other elements. The designs have been given a common starting point so that lining up the tracks and cars is a breeze..

The world's first railroad was the Stockton & Darlington, which operated in
England in the early 1800s. The inventors copied the ancient Greek method
of hauling goods and supplies with wagons that had grooved wheels and
matching tracks.  The great improvement over the Greeks, of course, was
the steam engine.

Available in two sizes:
6.13"x4.67" and 3.85"x2.95"

Soon after England's invention, railroads emerged in Austria, France, Germany, Ireland,
and the United States. In the United States, railroad building began in earnest as the
result of economic competition between Philadelphia, New York, Charleston, and Boston.

Available in two sizes:
6.83"x4.35" and 3.86"x2.48"

New York had an economic advantage over the other cities, as it used the
Erie Canal to ship goods through the Great Lakes. Baltimore began to build
a train track to compete with the ships and canals.

This head-on view of a train is an impressive sight on shirtfronts and jacketbacks!

Available in two sizes:
5.83"x8.74" and 4.52"x6.04"

Baltimore became a fierce competitor in commerce, and other cities
took note of its economic growth. Railroads sprouted up almost overnight,
and began to make their way from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Traditionally the last car of a train, a caboose is perfect for shirt and jacketbacks.
Give the front view with the engine, and have a rear view with a caboose!

Available in two sizes:
5.83"x7.74" and 4.52"x6.04"

While your engineer is running model trains around the tracks in the basement,
you can be embroidering a one-of-a-kind train scene with the next 17 designs.  Includes
the following designs:  Engine, caboose, log car, tanker car, box car, passenger car,
tracks, bridge, tunnel, banjo arm, depot, water tower, cows, and mountain ranges -
everything you need to take your embroidery machine for a ride.
The value (below) pack includes all 17 designs for just $33.97!


Click here and add the pack to your basket.   Click here and add the pack to your basket.

We begin the build-a-train scene designs with an engine. The train car designs and some
scenery elements have been digitized with special starting points to make alignment easy.
First, begin by sewing the engine.

Available in two sizes:
6.80"x2.28" and 3.81"x1.28"

Add a car (any car will do, the order is up to you). Load the design into your machine,
and forward to the first stitch. Then, move the hoop until the needle is directly over the
engine's rear hitch. The car's front hitch will begin sewing at that point.

Available in two sizes:
5.15"x2.14" and 2.89"x1.20"

Keep adding cars, like this classic tanker car. The front hitch will sew
immediately over the last car's back hitch, making a fabulous line of
train cars.

Available in two sizes:
5.79"x2.44" and 3.25"x1.37"

Add a box car. We sewed this box car in red, but if you want to make a long train,
sew the box car design in blue, red, green, yellow, or other colors for a nice variety.

Available in two sizes:
6.42"x2.07" and 3.60"x1.17"

Add a passenger car, and imagine the inside, with well-dressed
diners traveling across the country in a roaring, steaming train.

Available in two sizes:
6.52"x2.21" and 3.66"x1.24"

Cap the end of your train with a classic caboose.

Available in two sizes:
5.67"x2.72" and 3.18"x1.53"

The smoke for your train also has a convenient starting point. After you sew the engine,
load the smoke design into your machine, and forward to the first stitch. Then, move the
hoop until the smoke is directly over the train. A fun, realistic effect!

Available in two sizes:
6.61"x2.05" and 3.70"x1.15"

Train tracks, complete with clumps of grass and rocks, are great accents
to any train scene. This design, like the smoke and cars, has a convenient
starting point that makes lining up the sections quite easy. Sew the first
piece of track. Then, when you are ready to sew the second section, forward
the design to the first stitch, and then move your hoop until the needle is
directly over the back right corner of the track. Begin sewing, and the tracks
will be in a straight line.

Available in two sizes:
6.77"x1.32" and 3.85"x.76"

A train depot is a wonderful addition to any train scene.

Available in two sizes:
6.82"x2.88" and 3.82"x1.61"

Accessories include a water tower, railroad crossing sign, bridge,
tunnel, mountains, and cows. Great for setting the scene for your train!


Available in two sizes:
4.86"x5.00" and 2.95"x3.02"


Available in two sizes:
1.43"x2.69" and .88"x1.59"

Available in two sizes:
3.91"x2.02" and 2.26"x1.18"

Put an engine on the left of the tunnel, a caboose on the right,
and you'll have the effect of a train roaring through a tunnel. This
design has a specific starting point that makes for easy and
convenient alignment.

Available in two sizes:
9.38"x5.96" and 5.26"x3.38"

Distant mountains and pine trees set the scene for your train ride.

Available in two sizes:
6.81"x1.40" and 3.84"x.80"

Cows, in a variety of breeds and sizes, dot the landscape.

Available in two sizes:
1.35"x1.15" and .79"x.66"

Available in two sizes:
1.42"x.94" and .81"x.54"

Available in one size:

Using the mountains, train cars, tracks, cows, and other scenery elements,
you can create a unique and interesting train scene, personalized for your
favorite engineer. One partial example is below.

These front-and-back applique designs are great on shirts and sweatshirts. A bunny - ears peeking
out of an engineer's cap - drives the train, while a bear, moose, and bird frolic on the caboose. Great
for train-lovers of all ages!

Looking for information about applique embroidery? Visit the applique instructions page.


Available in two sizes:
5.57"x9.43" and 4.04"x6.82"


Available in two sizes:
5.88"x8.75" and 4.24"x6.31"

A coal train chugs its way up a hill, with the text 'I Think I Can!'
A great daily reminder of the power of positive thinking.

Available in two sizes:
6.80"x4.09" and 3.90"x2.35"

A steam whistle toots 'All Aboard!' over a set of train tracks.
A fantastic shirt front or left chest design for train lovers.

Available in two sizes:
6.03"x4.82" and 3.86"x3.09"

Sometimes the answers to all questions can be 'Because I'm the Engineer, that's why!'
Text is decorated with train elements: a steam whistle, cap, and railroad crossing signs.
Sure to bring a smile to any train-enthusiast's face.

Available in two sizes:
6.82"x3.89" and 3.91"x2.23"

Choo-choo-choose this fantastic alphabet for children's clothing, diaper bags,
nursery and child's bathroom decorations. Monogram towels with letters, engine,
and a caboose. An entire set of letters, numbers, caboose, and engine for just
$19.97! Click on the images below to see the designs and add the pack to your


Click here and add the pack to your basket.   Click here and add the pack to your basket.

This adorable train alphabet is wonderful on children's clothing. Or, sew in a long
border and use it as a wall hanging to help children learn their alphabet! Begin by
sewing the engine, and then line up each letter with the hitch of the preceding car
for alignment ease. Click on any of the images below to see the entire alphabet.

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