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Hooked on Fishing!

  There's a saying that goes like this:  Born to fish, forced to work. For passionate anglers and fly fishers, truer words were never spoken.

New designs this week celebrate fishing in all its glory, from lazy drifting on calm waters to the exciting battle between fish and human. Realistic designs of sport fish such as trout, bass, pike, and more, are excellent embellishments to shirts, jackets, and caps.

New shirt sets celebrate the sport of fishing, with  humorous "Fish Stories" and "Fishing is a Reel Sport" designs. Designs can be arranged on a shirt to tell a colorful and creative story - a favorite for any fisher.

AND you'll find new flies, lures, samplers with clever sayings, and a fish and fly home decor pack, with a new towel topper and clock. This new home decor pack adds a perfect touch to cabin decor.
Free project instructions -
Make a great fishing bucket cap!
You might be an avid fisherman or woman, or you might simply like to dangle a line in the water and nap with the soothing motion of the waves - and then tell tall tales upon your return. Whichever you might be, you'll love these designs - hook, line, and sinker!

The pumpkinseed is a member of the sunfish family. Like the bluegills they resemble,
the pumpkinseed can be found in cool, shallow waters in small lakes and ponds.

This fantastic, realistic pumpkinseed fish is perfect for shirt fronts, floppy brim bucket caps,
boat seat covers and more.  The smaller design has been digitized for caps. And if you'd
like the fish without the type, just skip the last color stop!
Available in two sizes:
6.36" X 4.85" and 2.96" X 2.26"

Growing on average to between 13 and 17 inches in length and 1-5 lbs., the walleye is a favorite
for many anglers. This design will leap from shirts, jackets, and caps.
Available in two sizes:
6.86" X 3.77" and 3.85" X 2.12"

The catfish - with its fierce-looking 'whiskers' - has long been a part of legend and lore. Mark Twain,
who was fascinated with the Mississippi River and catfish, once said, "The catfish is a plenty
good enough fish for anyone."

If you're looking for a 'plenty good' catfish recipe, try the Catfish Institute - hundreds of
mouthwatering recipes!
Available in two sizes:
6.87" X 3.35" and 3.86" X 1.89"

The northern pike can consume more than three times its body weight during the course of a year,
making it a fierce predator. For many anglers, the northern pike is a favorite sport fish, and this
fantastic design will be a perfect addition to any fishing enthusiast's wardrobe.
Available in two sizes:
6.86" X 2.61" and 3.87" X 1.47"

Weighing from 2 to 8 pounds, this favorite game fish strikes aggressively, fights valiantly and is
often considered an angler's favorite.  Add the rainbow trout to fishing vests, caps, jackets,
sweatshirts, and more!
Available in two sizes:
6.86" X 4.15" and 3.75" X 2.27"

Many anglers are aware that largemouth bass, filled with fierce strikes and energetic leaps into the
air, are an exciting fish to catch. Professional bass fishing tournaments are held throughout the
summer, as thousands of fishers seek this elusive fish.
Available in two sizes:
5.40" X 4.86" and 2.51" X 2.25"

No fishing enthusiast can resist new baits and tackle! These flies, lures and spinners are perfect
accessories for the fishing aficionado. Add them to caps, shirts, checkbook covers, jackets,
camping gear, bags... the possibilities are endless. 
Winter's Hope Fishing Fly Tied Down Caddis Fishing Fly
Available in two sizes:
3.83" X 2.71" and 1.74" X 1.23"
Available in two sizes:
3.86" X 2.49" and 1.81" X 1.16"

Supervisor Fishing Fly Black and White Moth Fishing Fly
Available in two sizes:
3.87" X 2.20" and 1.75" X 1.01"
Available in two sizes:
3.84" X 2.51" and 1.75" X 1.14"

Purple Joe Fishing Fly Little Yellow Stone Fishing Fly
Available in two sizes:
3.83" X 3.14" and 1.75" X 1.43"
Available in two sizes:
3.86" X 3.65" and 1.78" X 1.68"

Red and White Lure
Available in two sizes:
3.88" X 2.14" and 2.06" X 1.13"

Spinner Lure Frog Lure
Available in two sizes:
3.88" X 3.48" and 2.06" X 1.84"
Available in two sizes:
3.87" X 3.02" and 2.05" X 1.61"

Good things come to those who bait! Surrounded by tackle, a fishing bucket cap, rod and reel,
and bait can, this sentiment is uniquely framed and suitable for hanging on any wall.
Available in two sizes:
8.25" X 5.82" and 6.88" X 4.86"

Create the perfect sampler for your favorite angler, featuring an assortment of spinners,
artificial worms, hooks and bobbers. All the tools of the trade are here, framed by a
rustic twig border. Add to your fishing decor by framing and hanging at the cabin,
in the RV or in the trophy room at home.
Available in two sizes:
5.82" X 8.02" and 4.82" X 6.63"

From the creel and reel to an assortment of flies, this sampler is a celebration of
the unique world of fly fishing. Add an air of nostalgia to any decor.
Available in two sizes:
5.82" X 7.99" and 4.82" X 6.60"

Fishing enthusiasts are known for their 'embellished' stories, and everyone has heard
of the One That Got Away. A fishing pole, line, bobber and fish create a natural
border for a favorite fisherman's saying.
Available in two sizes:
5.85" X 8.29" and 4.81" X 6.79"

Express the universal fishing enthusiast's motto with this fun sampler! Featuring a boat
loaded with poles and net, the text "Born to fish, forced to work" is framed by a clever fish
border. Show off your true sentiments when you display this sampler at home, work, or the cabin.
Available in two sizes:
7.95" X 5.86" and 6.57" X 4.86"

This Fish Cleaning Station sentiment will bring a smile to fishers, whether their
they caught fish to clean, or are showing up at the fish house empty handed.
Available in two sizes:
7.92" X 5.80" and 6.59" X 4.83"

When the day passes with nary a nibble, it's all too clear that somewhere beneath the water
there are fish that are toying with the poor fisherman. Celebrate the frustrations of fishing
with this fun sampler, stating that "If it were easy, it would be called catching"!
Available in two sizes:
5.85" X 7.61" and 4.82" X 6.29"

Create a spectacular work of art for your home or cabin with this idyllic scene. Perfect for
framing, this design features a leaping largemouth bass, caught at sunrise by a fisherman in a boat.
Change the pink hues to orange and red and your scene will change from sunrise to sunset!
5.86" X 7.64"

Have fun with the lighter side of fishing. This unique shirt set is perfect for the fisherman
whose whoppers come from the mouth instead of the lake.  Featuring unique placement
and elements, this is a versatile shirt set containing a six designs: a shirt front design with
matching cap design, pocket topper, bobber accessory, and a large yoke design illustrating
the "one that got away." Click below to purchase the set for just $6.97!

Fish Stories Shirt Set - Large Fish Stories Shirt Set - Small

It's a common occurrence - napping in the boat, dreaming
of the enormous prize-winning fish just about to snap
at the dangling lure...
Let your imagination float with this
handy bobber accessory, great for
adding just about anywhere!

.77" X .76"

Available in two sizes:
3.81" X 3.22" and 2.80" X 2.36"
The clever angler knows how to explain an empty fishing basket.
Just tell everyone about the 'one that got away'!

Use this clever design as a yoke design on your favorite fishing shirt!

Available in two sizes:
9.40" X 2.54" and 6.85" X 1.85"
Fish Stories Shirt Front and Cap Design
The small size of this design has been digitized for caps - can
also be sewn on other garments.
Available in two sizes:
6.86" X 1.96" and 3.88" X 1.12"
There is always room for a little bit of exaggeration when it comes to fishing!  Show the
angler's method of measuring with this fishing ruler pocket topper design.
Available in two sizes:
4.51" X 1.93" and 3.51" X 1.52"

Fishing is a reel sport! Angling gear supports this whimsical statement. Shirt set contains 6 designs that can be arranged to tell a story on a shirt. You'll enjoy placing the designs in different areas
to see the fun and colorful effects. Set contains large yoke design, shirt front and cap design, pocket topper, and accessory - all for just $6.97!  Click on the pack images or links below, choose your machine's format, and add the pack to your basket.

Fishing: A Reel Sport Shirt Set - Large Fishing: A Reel Sport Shirt Set - Small

Display all the fishing necessities in a single large yoke design that incorporates rod and reel,
fishing hat, bait can and tackle box!
Available in two sizes:
9.39" X 1.69" and 6.81" X 1.23"
It's the angler's proclamation: "Fishing is a Reel Sport"!  Create a fun focal point with this
shirt front design, or use the small size to create a matching cap.
Available in two sizes:
6.84" X 2.53" and 3.79" X 1.41"
Lazy days on the lake are captured by this fantastic
pocket topper design.


Use this handy spinner accessory
to add embellishment to any
shirt, cap, bag and more.

.74" X .76"

Available in two sizes:
4.55" X 2.91" and 3.52" X 2.24"

Show off what happens while the fisherman sleeps!
Either this fish will snag the worm and awaken the intrepid
angler, or ignore it completely....

Available in two sizes:
3.85" X 2.60" and 2.85" X 1.93"

Bring your love of the outdoors and fishing home with a spectacular fishing home decor pack, which features an assortment of fly fishing gear and an awe-inspiring leaping rainbow trout.

Perfect the home, cabin or any fishing getaway, the decor pack contains a towel topper, curved corner, straight corner, clock face, border, and two feature designs!

Click on the decor pack on the left to get all of these for
just $9.97, or choose the individual designs below.

Remember to check your hoop size when selecting towel toppers and clocks!

Fishing Home Decor Pack (6" X 10")  

This towel topper features an assortment of fishing gear - vest, creel, bait bucket, and pole. The
pole extends up the tab portion of the towel topper. If you're looking for instructions for making
towel toppers, click here.
Available in two sizes:
5.54" X 9.46" and 4.01" X 6.84"
A colorful assortment of fishing flies forms a corner - great for pockets,
or corners of linens and towels for cabin decor!
3.85" X 3.27"
This fishing flies border looks great on borders of pillowcases, sheets, towels,
or even added to garments like vests and shirts. The smaller size of this border
has been formatted for Endless Hoops; may also be used in standard hoops.
Available in two sizes:
10.00" X 1.98" and 6.60" X 1.30"
It's always time to go fishing with this fish and fly clock. Different flies
mark the hours, and a rainbow trout leaps from the water.
Available in three sizes:
7.26" X 7.19" and 6.61" X 6.54" and 5.88" X 5.84"
The rainbow trout has been separated from the clock and water,
and serves as a great feature design for garments or cabin decor.
4.85" X 4.88"
A fishing pole and line
form a fun corner - great for
pockets and corners of
linens at the cabin!
An assortment of fishing gear makes a great
feature for garments and cabin decor.
3.82" X 3.86" 4.86" X 5.77"

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