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Up, Up, and Away

NEW THIS WEEK - April 20th, 2011

Up, Up, and Away!

Free Project Instructions!

When humans first took to the sky, it was in the simple yet grand hot air balloon -- and they've been flying away with our imaginations ever since. This week brings a whole fleet of soaring balloons to take your stitching Up, Up, and Away!

The rich shapes and colors of Jacobean embroidery make up a quartet of stunning balloons, beautiful on all kinds of summery projects. Revel in the buoyant spirit of Victorian balloons, including a fanciful airship. Let your embroidered balloons shine with shimmering Mylar applique, or make a bold statement with elegant damask balloons.

Keep spirits up in the air with cute hot air balloons in lots of themes -- knitting, garden, tea, cupcake, Noah's Ark, and more. Stitch a sun and clouds to complete the airy look! Plus, craft a hot air balloon out of your own fabric with crafty cut applique designs, and stitch adorable animals with balloons on creations for kids.

Kindle and Nook lovers rejoice! A free e-reader cover project is yours. Click here for free project instructions!

Jacobean Hot Air Balloons

The bright, bold, beautiful symmetry that encapsulates the Jacobean style soars its way onto hot air balloons in these designs. The first is marked by feathers that bring to mind proud peacocks.

Available in three sizes:
5.89"X8.29" and 4.88"X6.84" and 2.76"X3.85"

Stitched in a luscious lime and yellow scheme, this balloon is ready to float its way onto totes and towels, spring jackets and throw pillows.

Available in three sizes:
5.86"X8.34" and 4.80"X6.84" and 2.69"X3.86"

The center flower on this balloon design resembles a propeller for an airship. Green, orange, and pink hues makes this design fun for a spring fling.

Available in three sizes:
5.85"X8.22" and 4.88"X6.85" and 2.74"X3.85"

Let your creativity take flight with this hot air balloon, stitched with leafy purples and greens, an abstract tulip, and frosty blues. 

Available in three sizes:
5.86"X8.26" and 4.86"X6.83" and 2.73"X3.86"

Jacobean Hot Air Balloons Design Packs

The above four Jacobean designs are available in a design pack. Stitch onto throw pillows and tote bags; they're also lovely as a colorful set of framed pieces. Get all 4 designs in the pack for only $6.97!  Click on a link below and add the pack to your basket.
The pack is available in 3 sizes:

**Lg -  Designs smaller than 6"x10"
**Md -  Designs smaller than 5"x7"
**Sm -   Designs smaller than 4"x4"

Victorian Hot Air Balloons

Flowers, butterflies, and pearls embody chic Victorian elegance. We stitched the design below in mauve hues -- but there are thousands of color schemes, endless possibilities. Which colors will you choose? Send pictures of your work to us -- stitch@emblibrary.com. We would love to see your projects!

Available in two sizes:
5.85"X8.65" and 4.65"X6.87"

Suns shine brightly on this striped balloon, embellished with bunting, flowers, and stylized fleur-de-lis motifs. An eye-catching addition to totes, pillows, and wall hangings.

Available in two sizes:
5.86"X8.73" and 4.62"X6.88"

Vintage Airship

Early efforts at building airships resulted in a blend of boats and balloons. This design celebrates
the work of Henri Dupuy de Lome, Dr. Solomon Andrews, and Henri Giffard. Each of these inventor-explorers let their imagination take flight as they searched for ways to sail the skies.

Available in three sizes:
6.62"X7.78" and 5.86"X6.90" and 4.86"X5.70"


Mylar Hot Air Balloons

Add sparkle and shine to your projects with hot air balloons that incorporate Mylar! Mylar, or foil gift wrap, is used as applique fabric. If you're new to embroidering with Mylar, review this free tutorial. Mylar can be found at craft stores (like Michaels), or at party supply stores. Check the "gift wrap" area -- and sometimes it's labeled as "foil tissue."

Available in two sizes:
4.50"X6.80" and 2.57"X3.85"

Add sparkle and cheer to your projects with this design, featuring Mylar. A pretty basket of flowers under the balloon adds colorful spring cheer.
Available in two sizes:
4.53"X6.78" and 2.58"X3.85"

Damask Hot Air Balloons

The "wild side" of hot air balloons is represented in these damask designs. One color, bold sweeping lines, and dramatic curves, make them energetic additions to bath towels, tote bags, quilts, and wall hangings.

Available in three sizes:
5.75"X7.80" and 4.80"X6.49" and 2.84"X3.86"

Savvy symmetry adds grace and style. The curving leaves on the damask balloon emulate the feeling of floating through the air on a warm spring day.

Available in three sizes:
5.75"X7.80" and 4.80"X6.48" and 2.84"X3.86"

Hot air balloon festivals are breathtaking events, and always attract enormous crowds. The sight of hundreds of colorful balloons filling the sky, paired with races and family events, draws people from all over the world. The largest festival in the world is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The oldest race is the Gordon Bennett Cup, which is a race that has been held since 1906.

Available in three sizes:
5.82"X7.71" and 4.81"X6.37" and 2.95"X3.87"

Up in the Air

A whimsical assortment of hot air balloons feature creative and unconventional themes. In these designs, a ball of yarn balloon is paired with a knitting basket, and a bright yellow sunflower soars through the air, with a watering can basket. Delightful on totes, towels, pillows, placemats, and more! 


Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.90" and 3.17"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
4.52"X6.86" and 2.54"X3.86"

A flower-patterned teapot carries a coordinating teacup. On the right, a giant lemon balloon carries a pitcher of lemonade.


Available in two sizes:
4.86"X5.97" and 3.14"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
4.30"X6.77" and 2.46"X3.85"

An apple-shaped balloon carries a fruit basket! Colorful and fun for kitchen towels and cozies. On the left, a balloon in the shape of a grape bunch carries a glass of wine. Do you prefer white over red? Change the color thread to stitch the kind of wine you like!


Available in two sizes:
4.10"X6.79" and 2.34"X3.86"

  Available in two sizes:
4.18"X6.86" and 2.36"X3.87"

A sugary, chocolate cupcake soars through the sky, carrying a wrapper-shaped basket. And, a friendly buzzing bee takes flight. His basket features a lively beehive.


Available in two sizes:
4.86"X6.66" and 2.82"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
4.83"X6.52" and 2.77"X3.74"

A balloon in the shape of Noah's Ark carries a basket of critters -- and those stinky skunks are forced to ride on the rope! In the design on the right, a giant rubber ducky soars through the sky, carrying a clawfoot bathtub.


Available in two sizes:
4.86"X6.85" and 2.63"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
3.96"X6.79" and 2.26"X3.86"

The design on the left is perfect for the fisherman who always talks about the one who got away. And, a clever goldfish on the right is fun on bath towels!


Available in two sizes:
4.97"X4.82" and 3.86"X3.73"

  Available in two sizes:
4.86"X5.78" and 3.16"X3.87"

Add a bright sun and puffy clouds to your hot air balloon designs to make a lovely scene!


Available in three sizes:
4.85"X4.85" and 3.89"X3.88" and 2.50"X2.50"

  Available in three sizes:
4.82"X3.70" and 3.86"X2.96" and 2.51"X2.04"


Available in three sizes:
4.82"X2.41" and 3.86"X1.93" and 2.51"X1.26"

  Available in three sizes:
4.82"X2.32" and 3.86"X1.86" and 2.51"X1.21"

Up in the Air Design Packs

The whimsical hot air balloon designs, sun, and clouds are available in a design pack. Get all 20 designs for only $29.97! Stitch these designs onto quilts, wall hangings, totes, towels, pillow shams, and more!

Click on a link below to the size that you need, and add the pack to your basket.
The pack is available in 2 sizes:

**Lg -   Designs smaller than 5"x7"
**Sm -  Designs smaller than 4"x4"

Wild for Balloons

These little critters are wild for their balloons! A cow and pig are grounded while holding their balloons. Delightful on bibs and baby blankets.


Available in two sizes:
4.82"X6.74" and 2.76"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
4.70"X6.87" and 2.64"X3.86"

An elephant soars up, up, and away, clinging to his elephant balloon. And, in the design on the right, a monkey flies by, leaving a trail of bananas behind.


Available in two sizes:
4.67"X6.84" and 2.92"X3.86"

  Available in two sizes:
4.84"X5.65" and 3.14"X3.86"

Mr. Turtle has his tummy to the sky, floating along on his balloon. And, a chicken holds on to a giant chicken balloon! Fun on kitchen towels and cozies.


Available in two sizes:
3.80"X6.85" and 2.52"X3.86"

  Available in two sizes:
4.85"X6.09" and 3.07"X3.85"

Wild for Balloons Design Packs

The above six critters are available in a design pack - get all 6 designs for only $9.97!  Fun on totes, pillows, quilts, bibs, T-shirts, and more. Click below on a link to the size that you need, and add the pack to your basket.
The pack is available in 2 sizes:

**Lg -   Designs smaller than 5"x7"
**Sm -  Designs smaller than 4"x4"

Crafty Cut Hot Air Balloons

Cut applique fabric with pinking or decorative shears, and incorporate that into these "crafty" hot air balloon designs. If you're new to "crafty cut applique," review the free tutorial here. Applique is a wonderful way to add your favorite prints and patterns to your embroidery projects, and the "crafty" cut adds fabulous dimension and texture, too.


Available in two sizes:
4.85"X6.70" and 2.78"X3.85"

  Available in two sizes:
4.79"X6.69" and 2.69"X3.76"

It's crafty and collectible! 2011 is a year to celebrate crafting and all the joy that it brings to our lives. To celebrate our love of sewing and embroidery, a new Crafty Collectibles design will be offered every Wednesday in 2011. Check this space every week to see the new design!

This week's Crafty Collectible is:
Patchwork Balloon and Thimble Basket

Up, up, and away! This cozy hot air balloon has a charming thimble basket and colorful patches on the envelope. Stitch in colors of your choice, and brighten up your sewing room with a framed piece or wall hanging. Or, add to tote bags, curtains, pillows, and more!

Available in two sizes:
4.85"X5.07" and 3.68"X3.85"

Want to see more? Click here to see designs released in previous weeks!

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