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Formats for Husqvarna Machines

Out of all the makes and models of embroidery machines, the Husqvarna Viking line has the most formats to choose from: HUS, SHV, VIP, and VP3.

If you are new to embroidery, or if you've had a variety of Husqvarna machines over the years, it can be tricky to remember which format your machine uses. Let this list be your guide!

Designer Diamond

This machine can read many formats, including DST, VIP, VP3, and HUS. We recommend either DST or VIP. (Do not use HUS, as that is the most primitive of the Husqvarna formats).

Designer SE

This machine reads DST, VIP, and HUS. We recommend using DST or VIP (do not use HUS, as that is the most primitive of the Husqvarna formats).

Designer 1

This machine reads the SHV format. Many Designer 1 owners are surprised to learn this! When writing a floppy disk or thumb drive with the 3D/4D software, the design is automatically converted to SHV, so translating a design into this machine's language often happens "behind the scenes."

The 3D/4D software to use to convert designs is quite expensive, but not many other embroidery programs on the market can convert to SHV. We're delighted to share this tip: The Embird software can convert to SHV for the Designer 1 machine. Click here for a tutorial at the Embird site that shows how this is done.

Designer II, Iris, Rose, +1, Scandinavia 300, Scandinavia 400

These machines read the HUS format.



The machines in this line use the VP3 format.

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