Embroidery Library

Downloading with Firefox

Designs can be downloaded immediately after ordering. These instructions demonstrate how to download with Firefox.

Begin by checking the settings in Firefox.
Open Firefox, click Tools, then Options. Older versions may call this "settings."

Under the "General" tab there is a sentence that says "Always ask me where to save files." Click the radio button to the left, then click "ok" as shown below.

Next, click the Order History tab.

Click on the link to the order number, or click the View Order button to go to the order details and downloading buttons.


Look for the column labeled "Download Designs." Most designs will have two buttons. One is labeled unzipped, and the other is labeled zipped.


Click on either "unzipped" or "zipped" -- whichever you choose. Firefox will ask if you want to open or save the file. Choose "Save." Click "OK."


Firefox will ask where you want to save the design. Choose your preferred location. In the example below, the design is being saved to a folder called EmbroideryLibraryDesigns, located on the computer's desktop.

You can also save the design to a USB drive at this step.


Keep the name that we've given the design, or rename it if you wish. If you rename the file, be sure to keep the file's extension intact. If you change it or remove it, the file will be corrupted. In this example, the file extension is .pes. The name has been changed to FloralWreath.pes.


Then, click 'Save.' You may see a message pop up on the lower right of Firefox, advising that the downloads are completed. Or, you may see a green arrow flash indicating the file has been saved.

The design is now saved in the area that you selected.


After downloading, you can upload the design to your machine or open it with embroidery software if you have software on your computer.

If you have questions about the above, let us know! Send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com.