3D Applique (In-the-Hoop) Embroidery

3D Applique (In-the-Hoop)



Take your embroidery to new levels -- with colorful 3D applique embroidery, done entirely in the hoop.

3D applique flowers and butterflies add style and personality to all your embroidery projects.

Read below for free project instructions!


Supplies Needed:

**Small pieces of organza (for
   the petals)

**Small piece of felt (for the
   flower center)

**Heavy-weight water-soluble
   stabilizer (we prefer Sulky
   Ultra Solvy)

**Temporary spray adhesive

**Paper towels

**Spray starch - optional (we
   used a pump spray instead of

Designs used:
3D Poppy (In-the-Hoop) - XL

This design is also available in other sizes:
3D Poppy (In-the-Hoop) - Large, Medium, Small

Project Variations:
There are two variations of the 3D applique designs: designs that stitch entirely in the hoop, like the designs used in this project, and designs that stitch outside of the hoop. 3D applique designs that stitch outside of the hoop can be found by clicking here. Also, free project instructions for stitching 3D applique designs out of the hoop, can be found here.

Project Tips:
Sheer organza 3D flowers add magnificent color and dimension to any project. Here are a couple fun suggestions of how you can use these designs:

  • Add a safety pin to the back of the designs and pin them on tote bags, shirts, and flip-flops.

  • Use a needle and thread to hand-sew the designs onto pillows, placemats, curtains, and more.

We'd love to see how you added 3D applique embroidery to your projects! Email pictures of your completed work to stitch@emblibrary.com.

The 3D applique (In-the-hoop) designs come with 2 files. One is named with only an "X" followed by 4 numbers - this is the design file. The other file ends with "_DL" - this contains the dieline files.

To create a template for cutting the fabric, print the dieline file at full size using embroidery software.


If you do not have embroidery software, you can sew the dieline file directly onto paper.

Hoop a piece of paper and attach the hoop to the machine. Load the dieline file (the file that is ends with "_DL") and sew the dielines onto the paper.


To prepare the fabric for the petals of the flowers, spray the back of the paper template with a bit of temporary adhesive and smooth the template on the organza fabric. Then, cut out the outer petal - this will be the largest piece (the largest shape on the template).

Peel the organza off the template. Smooth the template on to another piece of organza and cut out the next piece (the second largest shape on the template). Peel off the organza and repeat the cutting process for the remaining shapes. You may need to spray the template again between cuttings to make sure it sticks to the fabric. Also, we used a piece of felt for the smallest shape, which is the center of the flower.

Now that the fabric pieces are ready, it is time to embroider the design.


Hoop a piece of heavy-weight water-soluble stabilizer (we prefer Sulky Ultra Solvy).


Since both sides of the design will be visible, we are winding bobbins with the same color as the top thread (for this design, we are using three different colors). Change the bobbin to match the top thread as you sew.


Attach the hoop to the machine, load the design (the file that is named with only an "X" plus 4 numbers) and begin embroidering the design. The first thing that will sew is the dieline for the center (the flower center). After the dieline has sewn, spray the center fabric piece (the smallest piece) with temporary adhesive.


Remove the hoop from the machine -- do not unhoop the stabilizer -- and place the fabric piece right inside the dieline. Also, trim off any loose stitches on the back of the embroidery.


Attach the hoop back on the machine, and continue embroidering the design. A zig-zag tack down will sew next. These stitches hold the fabric in place. Continue with the design -- a satin stitch border will sew next and then another dieline.


Spray the next largest piece with adhesive and lay it right inside the dieline that just sewed.


Continue with the design. A tack down stitch and a satin stitch border will sew next, followed by another dieline.


Repeat this process until all of the pieces have been placed and sewn. The last color change will stitch in the center -- this finishes off the design and binds all the layers together.


Unhoop the stabilizer and carefully trim around the design.


Soak the design in warm water for at least 10 to 15 minutes or until the stabilizer has dissolved away.


Then, blot the design with paper towels to remove excess moisture.


To give the design more dimension and shape, spray the design with starch, soaking it through.


Pinch the layers together to meet in the center and allow it to air dry. Or, if you do not want to add starch, simply allow the design to dry.

Add some festive flair to your holiday stitching with 3D Christmas in-the-hoop applique. Choose from a poinsettia, star, and snowflake!

These 3D designs make great additions to holiday pillows, stockings, gift tags, and more!



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