In-the-Hoop Mylar Ornaments

In-the-Hoop Mylar Ornaments



Add some shimmer and sparkle to your tree this year with in-the-hoop Mylar ornaments. These ornaments also make great gifts. Tie them to the bow of each of your Christmas gifts to dazzle all of your friends and family.

Designs featured in this tutorial are a blend of applique and lace; the applique is the Mylar foil. Oftentimes we're asked if the designs can be stitched without Mylar. Unfortunately no, that is not possible. The Mylar is necessary to keep the integrity of the lace, so that the design is a "freestanding" one.

Read below for these free and festive project instructions!


Supplies Needed:

**Small pieces of Mylar
  (foil gift wrap or foil balloons)

**Medium-weight cutaway

**Tear-away stabilizer

**1/8 inch wide ribbon or
   thin decorative cord

**Temporary spray adhesive

**Masking tape

Designs used: 

A In-the-Hoop Christmas Ornaments (Mylar) Design Pack

Project Tip:
We found sheets of Mylar at our local party store and at Michael's - it was labeled as: "foil tissue". You can also use foil balloons.

When you download an in-the-hoop Mylar ornament, you'll find three files. Two of the files contain the letters "DL," and those are the "dielines." There is a "_DLFront" and a "_DLBack" file, and these files are used to make templates for cutting the Mylar pieces.

To create a template for cutting the Mylar, print the dieline files at full size using embroidery software. If you do not have embroidery software, you can create templates by stitching the dielines on paper. Simply hoop a piece of paper and embroider the dieline files.







To prepare the front piece of the ornament, we will make a stabilizer, Mylar, and paper template sandwich. Start by spraying a piece of medium-weight cutaway stabilizer with a bit of adhesive. 

Lay the Mylar, right side up, on the stabilizer and smooth in place.

Spray the paper template with a quick shot of adhesive and smooth the template over the Mylar. Then, cut out the shape and remove the paper from the top of the Mylar. Repeat this process and cut out the back piece.

Now that the Mylar pieces are ready it is time to embroider the ornament. Hoop a piece of tear-away stabilizer.

Attach the hoop to the machine, load the design (the file that is named with an "X" followed by 4 numbers) and begin embroidering the design. The first thing that will sew is the dieline.


After the dieline has sewn, spray the backside of the front piece.


Lay it right inside the dieline.


Continue embroidering the design. A zigzag tack down will sew next. These stitches will hold the front piece in place. All of the inside elements will sew next. 


On the color change sheet that we provide for the design there is a notation that says "back piece tack down."

When you get to this step, stop the machine and remove the hoop (but don't unhoop the stabilizer).



It's time to add the back side of the ornament, and add the cord.

Cut a 7 inch length of the ribbon or decorative cord. Tape the ends of the loop to the wrong side of the back piece with the ends extending about one inch in from the top edge of the back piece.



Spray the wrong side of the back piece with adhesive.



Add the back piece to the backside of the embroidery - lay it right inside the shape. Also, to avoid the loop from shifting around under the hoop and getting sewn over, tape it to the edge of the hoop.



We want the ornament to have a nice finished back, so we are using the same color bobbin thread as the top thread for the last of the design elements.

Attach the hoop back onto the machine and continue sewing. Another zigzag tack-down will sew - these stitches attach the back piece to the ornament.



When the design has finished sewing, remove the hoop and unhoop the ornament. Gently tear away the excess stabilizer, and your glittering new ornament is complete!


Experiment with different colors of thread and Mylar to make ornaments to coordinate perfectly with your holiday decor.

Click here for a printable version of these project instructions.

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Size: 3.87 x 3.87 (98.3 x 98.3 mm)
Designs in Pack: 12 Price: $19.97


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