There are endless possibilities for laying out quilt designs, so let your imagination run wild.  By changing colors, rotating designs, and arranging a few blocks together you can create machine-embroidered quilts with precision and ease. Below, you will find terrific information on sizes, concepts, ideas, and layout suggestions to help you create your very own fabulous quilt!


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Size Suggestion Tables





Double (Full)



Mattress Size

23" x 46"

39" x 75"

54" x 75"

60" x 80"

76" x 80"

Quilt using dust ruffle

30" x 54"

30" x 45"

65" x 95"

80" x 95"

86" x 100"

106" x 106"

Batting Sizes

45" x 60"

72" x 90"
81" x 96"

81" x 96"
90" x 108"

90" x 108"

120" x 120"


Quilt Sizes ( for 16" drop beds)



Backing Needed


71" x 101"

6.0 yards


86" x 101"

7.5 yards


92" x 106"

8.25 yards


108" x 106"

9.25 yards


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Quilt Square Basics


The Embroidery Quilt Square:  When fabric quilting, many pieces of cloth are measured, cut, lined up and combined to form a basic square.  With quilt embroidery designs, fabric-piecing is eliminated. This match between machine embroidery and quilting is a great one - you get the precision and speed of embroidery, along with the time-honored tradition of pieced quilts.


The Double Poppy Quilt Square (seen below) would normally require cutting and accurately combining 29 curved sections of fabric.  However, with the embroidery quilt block, you can stitch the the square below
on a single piece of fabric in a fraction of the time. 



A single design, combined a variety of ways, can completely change the look of a quilt.  Looking at the quilt block above, the design appears be an image of a flower with an overall square square shape.  However the look dramatically changes by simply combining four of the designs together. This is called a four patch.



Four Patch:  Repeating the same design so it is 2 designs high by 2 designs wide creates a four patch.

When looking at this image, you will notice the image virtually has two different design looks.  You first see the flower design repeated four times (above left).  However, if you focus on the center of the design, your eye follows the curves of the pattern as a whole (above right).  This brings out the circular image containing diamond points and a square center.  Placing a design in a four patch will bring out elements of a design that may not be noticed otherwise.  Each quilt design pack contains both a single block and a four patch block. 




Nine Patch:  Another common square is the nine patch.  Similar to the layout of a tic-tac-toe board, a nine patch can be created by repeating and combining the designs so they are 3 designs high by 3 designs wide.  Like the four patch, it also brings out additional elements of a design block.  On this image, you can see four square centers and circular images. 



Creative Quilt Layouts


When designing your quilt, take a step back and visualize the entire concept.  Combining designs in different ways can change the appearance and the visual flow, so explore different options to see just how many fabulous quilts you can create with a simple design.  We have demonstrated a few layout concepts below.  Additional layout ideas and more fantastic quilting information can be found through the quilt links.



Rotate design 90 degrees




Rotate design 180 degrees



Mirror Image


Skip a Square Image


Combination Images



More Quilt Block Projects

As well as using the designs to make quilts, you can also make quick-to-stitch handbags and a cardigan embellished with appliqu�d quilt blocks. Read below for more details, and for links to free project instructions!


Quilt blocks can be used to dress up anything that you can imagine!  Use stipple designs or labels to create fabulous, fashionable purses that will be the envy of the town.


You'll love being seen in this spectacular cardigan!  It's fun and easy to turn any garment into a wonderful quilted work of art.  Take your favorite designs on the go!



Quilting Links


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Quilter Community

Quilt University's Quilting Glossary


World Wide Quilting Page How-To

Hints and Tips for Quilters


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