Puff Foam Embroidery

Puff Foam Embroidery

Make your embroidery "outstanding" with puff foam! Click on the image to the right to watch the free video tutorial.

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Embroidery puff foam is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. For Embroidery Library designs, choose foam that has a thickness of 2 or 3 mm.

Choose a color that matches the embroidery thread. Cut a piece that covers the hoop area.

When you see a note on the color sheet that says "puff," lay the puff foam in the hoop, then continue the design.

The satin stitches will penetrate the puff foam on the outsides, and the inside piece will make the stitches nice and..."puffy."

When you've finished with the puff section, remove the foam from the embroidery. Continue the design until finished.

You may see bits of foam that remain behind. You can remove those with a tweezers.

For smaller bits, you can push them in with the point of a small scissors.

Puff foam is a wonderful way in which you can add dimension and interest to your embroidery.

A design should be specially digitized for use with puff foam. Look for designs that are marked with the word "puff" at www.EmbLibrary.com.


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