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New! Machine Embroidery Designs -- Only $1.00 each!
New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1 each!  
It's time for another Request-fest, featuring dozens and dozens of fabulous designs inspired by YOU!

We love reading all your suggestions for designs, and are always so excited to feature them in a fabulous Request-fest.

This week, get inspired by new designs featuring Flower Power animals, fruity clotheslines, chinaware-inspired patterns, woodland scenes, and more!

Click here to check out the amazing designs, and add them to your basket now! On sale only $1.00 each!
New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1 each!   New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1 each!   New requested designs for machine embroidery are only $1 each!
Select machine embroidery designs are on sale now for only $1.00 each!   Embroidery Library's new videos for embroidering lace bookmarks.

Celebrate the beauty and wonder of fall's favorite colors with this week's sale!

More than 200 designs featuring autumn motifs are on sale now, and ready to adorn your next embroidery project -- only $1.00 each!

"Fall" for designs featuring leaves, flowers, cameos, borders, bouquets, and more! Click here to see the designs on sale!

Lace bookmarks are an elegant, beautiful way to keep track of your place while reading. Watch our new video to learn how to embroider these bookmarks, plus extra tips on making them extra-special.

Click here to see the video, or here for all our videos!

Plus, stay up-to-date with our latest videos and embroidery tips, subscribe to Embroidery Library's YouTube channel!

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Come join the Christmas Club today -- totally FREE!

Sign up now to start earning points towards a gift certificate, plus members-only savings, freebies, and more. Click here for more details!

We love hearing your requests for new designs! Each week a request is drawn and digitized as part of an extra-special Request of the Week program.

Click here to see these creative and excellent ideas!

Freestanding lace bookmarks are a wonderful way to mark your spot while reading.

Click here to see a wide variety of  fabulous lace bookmark designs to make as a gift for friends and family, or for your next read!

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