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Coupon Clipper Days
Embroidery Library high-quality, low cost designs.

It's Coupon Clipper Days at Embroidery Library - take
$5 off a $10+ order! Use the discount code Clip5 up to three times through Tuesday, April 22nd, and save big on your favorite designs and packs. Read on for more details!
Embroidery Library high-quality, low cost designs.  
Here's how you can get an excellent discount on your favorite designs and packs:

Fill your basket to the brim with any designs or packs. Then, when you're ready to buy, type this code into the field on the bottom of the basket page:
After you've typed in the code, click the 'Apply Code' button. Check to make sure that $5 discount came off the total; then place your order, and download the designs!

The Clip5 code can be used three times (on three separate orders) until Tuesday, April 22nd, 11:59 pm Central time.

Terms, guidelines, notes, and other helpful hints:

** Embroidery Library is known for having the best designs at the best prices. The $5 discount
    is off the subtotal in your basket, which means you can use the Clip5 code on the new
    Springtime in Paris designs featured on the New This Week page, too!

** Type the Clip5 code into the field on your shopping basket page, and click the button to
    apply the code before checking out of the website. Discount codes can't be applied after
    you place your order.

** The Clip5 coupon code can be used up to three times before it expires on Tuesday,
    April 22nd. All designs and design packs are included in this special offer!

Enjoy this limited-time offer! The Clip5
discount code will expire at 11:59 pm, Central time on Tuesday, April 22nd.

If you have questions about pricing, leave the items in your basket and send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com. We'll help you sort it out!

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