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Product Name:
A Snowy Essentials and Frames Pack - Sm (Applique)
4.84"(w) x 6.87"(h)
(122.9 x 174.5mm)
Number of designs in pack:

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This product is from the
Snowflakes and Snowmen (Applique) department.

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A Snowy Essentials and Frames Pack - Sm (Applique)

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Applique embroidery lets you use your favorite fabric colors, patterns, and prints in a design. These designs include dielines so that you can cut the applique fabric to the shape and size needed for the embroidery. Project instructions demonstrate the steps for applique embroidery.

Designs Included in this Value Pack:

Product Name: Snowflake Frame (Applique)
Size: 4.84"(w) x 6.28"(h)
(122.9 x 159.5mm)
Stitches: 13184
Color Change Sheet
Product Name: Snowflake (Applique)
Size: 3.33"(w) x 3.81"(h)
(84.6 x 96.8mm)
Stitches: 3297
Color Change Sheet
Product Name: Evergreen Tree Frame (Applique)
Size: 4.79"(w) x 6.87"(h)
(121.7 x 174.5mm)
Stitches: 20201
Color Change Sheet
Product Name: Evergreen Tree (Applique)
Size: 2.54"(w) x 4.06"(h)
(64.5 x 103.1mm)
Stitches: 2509
Color Change Sheet
Product Name: Snowman Frame (Applique)
Size: 4.82"(w) x 6.85"(h)
(122.4 x 174mm)
Stitches: 16950
Color Change Sheet
Product Name: Snowman (Applique)
Size: 3.4"(w) x 3.68"(h)
(86.4 x 93.5mm)
Stitches: 3152
Color Change Sheet

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