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Have a question? It's likely answered in one of topics below. But if it isn't, let us know! Send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com. Include your order number along with your question.
Signing In & Managing Your User Profile Downloading Designs
Having trouble signing in, or can't stay signed in? Downloading with Internet Explorer 8
Forgot your password? Downloading with Internet Explorer 9
Has your email address changed? Downloading with Internet Explorer 10 & 11
Do you want to change your password? Downloading with Firefox
Setting a machine format in your user profile Downloading with Chrome
Setting hoop size / machine embroidery area Downloading with Safari
Setting 1-Click Download Options Using the 1-Click Download Feature
  Downloading a new / different format
  Downloading from the order history, & expirations
Ordering Designs Opening Designs on a Computer
Placing an order through the website Tips for opening designs on your computer
Ordering by phone, mail, or fax Unzipping designs with WinZip or Windows
Choosing a machine format Opening designs with Wilcom's TrueSizer
When a design isn't in your regular format Opening designs with Husqvarna (4D/5D) software
Choosing design sizes (hoop and stitch limits) Opening designs with Bernina
Custom digitizing Resolving error messages from PE Design/Palette
Design delivery through instant downloading  
Sales, Discounts, & Special Offers Uploading/Transferring to the Machine
Happy Hour Eligibility and FAQ Transferring designs with a USB drive (aka 'stick')
Get a 25% - 33% discount on designs Resolving errors with Brother/Baby Lock machines
  Resolving errors with Janome machines
Refunds and Exchanges Machine Size & Stitch Count Limits
Exchanging designs for smaller sizes Embroidery machine size and stitch limits (list)
Refunds or credits for duplicate orders Splitting designs by size (multi-hooping)
Returns for items ordered by mistake Splitting designs by stitch count
Color Questions and Thread Information Stitchout Troubles & Solutions
Why do the colors in the designs look strange? Checklist: Before Embroidering
Using color change sheets Choosing stabilizer: Fabrics 101
Instructions for using the Thread Exchange Shifting, gapping, misaligned stitches
Uploading colors using Embird Working with complex / high stitch count designs
  Curing a threadache (shredding, nesting)
  Freestanding Lace Misalignment
Privacy, Copyright, and Licensing Special Notes About....
Licensing policy and use of designs Tips for working with alphabets
Using Embroidery Library images on other sites Single run vs. double run quilting designs
Using Embroidery Library projects and guides Split designs and hoop size (Giga & Mega Hoop)

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