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Ruffled Brooch (Battenburg Lace)
Embroidering on Jackets
Embroidering on Cardigans
Swimsuit Cover-up
Embroidered Fleece Hat
No-Sew Fleece Scarf
Fashionable Lace Headbands
Lovely Lace Necklace Charms
Layered Battenburg Lace Flowers
Beautiful Blanket Scarf
Adding Battenburg Lace to Garments
Fashion Flurry Fleece Scarf
Wranglin’ Western Shirt
Battenburg Lace Crowns
Lightweight Infinity Scarf
Peek-a-Boo Pals Hoodie (Applique Design)
Peek-a-Boo Pals Hoodie (Stitch-filled Design)
Fashion Wrap
Fashionable Fleece Poncho
Animals on the Edge Hats
Scarf in a Cinch
Add-a-Bow Embroidery
Adding Turtleneck Collars to Sweatshirts
Cozy Button Scarf
Fabrics 101: Embroidering on Pashmina
Adding Turtleneck Collars to Sweatshirts
Shirt Shoulder Placement
Kids' Superhero Cape
Fabrics 101: Embroidering on Straw Hats
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