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Crafty Cut Applique with Organza

On-the-Edge Tote Bag (Applique Design)

Edgy Applique

Peek-a-Boo Pals Hoodie (Applique Design)

Multi-Piece Heirloom Applique

Wild and Woodsy Placemat (Applique Design)

Sweet Patch Mug Rug (Applique Design)

Cute and Cozy Coasters (Applique Design)

Hooded Bath Towel (Applique Design)

Animals on the Edge – Applique

Embroidering on Sweatshirts with Split Applique

3D Applique

3D Applique, In-the-Hoop

Sashiko Applique

Applique Embroidery with Mylar

Making Applique Ornaments

Eye-Poppin' Applique

Crafty Cut Applique

All About Applique Wall Hanging

Multi-Piece Classic Applique

Head to Tote Embroidery

Heirloom Applique

3D Applique Flowers

Classic Applique Embroidery

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