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Thank you for visiting the Embroidery Library's project site! Here you'll find an amazing collection of tutorials, articles, and videos with one intention -- to help you get excellent results from your embroidery projects.

Embroidery Library is an employee-owned company that makes designs for embroidery machines. Since 1998 we've inspired embroiderers around the world with an excellent collection of designs. And, we love developing projects and tutorials to demonstrate different ways to use the designs.

You'll find the machine embroidery designs at
www.emblibrary.com. At this projects site you'll find:

Free Projects & Tutorials: Make purses, tote bags, placemats, table runners, and more with hundreds of free projects and tutorials.

Stitchers Showcase: Be inspired, and see what other embroiderers are making with the designs! Every business day new photos are added to the Stitchers Showcase at 9:03 am, Central time.

Fabrics 101 Articles: Different types of fabric call for different design, stabilizer, and needle choice. These reference guides are excellent and essential resources for sewing and embroidery projects.

All of the machine embroidery designs, projects, articles, and tutorials are created by the Embroidery Library team in Plymouth, Minnesota. There are thirty-one of us, all owners of the company (we're an ESOP), and focused in drawing, digitizing, marketing, and web development. Meet the team leaders below!


Kenny Christopher is the brains and the brawn behind most of the projects that are on this site. It's his crafty hands that you see working hard in the step-by-step instructions!

As the Vice President of Production, Kenny leads our talented team of artists and digitizers in bringing design ideas to life - from the drawing board to the embroidery machine.

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email! Our email address is stitch@emblibrary.com

And, for even more projects, tutorials, and excellent embroidery designs, visit our little sister site:  www.UrbanThreads.com.

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