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2015 Christmas Club


Embroidery Library high quality low cost designs

Join the 2015 Christmas Club today! Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, and get a jumpstart on your holiday gifts and decorations. Take advantage of excellent savings and special offers, too!

After joining the Christmas Club, you'll earn points on purchases of designs and packs from www.emblibrary.com. You'll be eligible for members-only discounts, free designs, Christmas collectibles, project inspiration, and so much more.

Ready to begin? Read on to find out what to expect, how to join, and more exciting details!

How Do I Earn Rewards?
After you join the Club you'll earn points on any designs and packs that you purchase. Even though we call it a "Christmas" Club, you'll earn points on all of your purchases, no matter the theme, subject, or style.

Points are earned on purchases of designs and packs made from the time you join the Club through December 25, 2015, 11:59 pm Central time.

You'll earn one point for each dollar that you spend. Points add up to gift certificates, so shop exclusively at Embroidery Library to maximize your points and rewards potential. There's a maximum of 1000 points that can be earned.

Points are earned with the purchase of designs and packs; purchases of gift certificates do not earn points. However, if you use a gift certificate to purchase designs and packs, then you will earn points.

Purchases made prior to joining the Club do not earn points, and points are not retroactively applied. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Between December 26 and December 30, we'll tally the points and create the gift certificates. On December 31, we will email gift certificate codes to those that have met the minimum level (50 points). That gift certificate will be valid for one month, through January 31, 2016.

Track your points on the Rudolph's Rewards page. That's where your own personal points card is stored -- and we'll take care of updating it for you. It looks like this:


Converting Points into Gift Certificates!

Points Earned Gift Certificate Value
50 $5.00
100 $10.00
150 $15.00
200 $20.00
250 $25.00
300 $30.00
350 $35.00
400 $40.00
450 $45.00
500 $50.00
550 $55.00
600 $60.00
650 $65.00
700 $70.00
750 $75.00
800 $80.00
850 $85.00
900 $90.00
950 $95.00
1000 $100.00

Sounds Great! Anything Else I Should Know?

The Christmas Club also comes with tons of amazing Club-only sales, specials, free designs, projects, and other promotions! We'll send you a Christmas Club newsletter the first Friday of every month to tell you what's new. Keep your eyes peeled!

Plus, we'll also send you bonus newsletters announcing extra-special Christmas sales! Remember, all Christmas Club promotions are members-only, so keep an eye on your email inbox! Here's a taste of what you'll find in each month's email:

Santa's Savings! Find members-only design sales as well as excellent exclusive coupons. Expect a new and exciting promotion about every two weeks!
Christmas Collectibles! Each month a new "collectible" design will be released at a special Club-only discount. Collect them all for a full set!
Fa La La Freebies! Get new Christmas designs every month -- free for Club members only!
North Pole Projects! Christmas-theme projects and ideas will help you gear up for the holidays (and check names off your gift list!).
Christmas Creations! Get ready to be inspired by amazing embroidery ideas from Kenny, the Stitchers Showcase, and more!

Okay, I'm In. How Do I Join?

To become a member of the Christmas Club, simply check a little box in your user profile -- that's all! There are no membership fees or hidden costs to join the Club; it's completely FREE. If you've participated in Christmas Clubs in the past, sign up again, as membership doesn't carry over from year to year.

To sign up, click the My Profile link at the top of www.emblibrary.com. Check the box that says "Enroll in the Christmas Club." While you're there, review the information that is in your user profile. Is your machine's embroidery area entered? Format selected? Email address correct? Great, you're ready to roll!

After you've checked the Christmas Club box, click the "Save My Profile" button. Check to make sure you see the confirmation message.

After you join the Club, click the Christmas Club link on the lower left side of www.emblibrary.com, and explore!


Remember to shop exclusively at Embroidery Library, and watch your points add up! If you have any questions, send an email to stitch@emblibrary.com. All of us at Embroidery Library look forward to being your "Holiday Helpers" for this upcoming Christmas season!

Christmas Club Recap

Here's a quick recap of all the excellent perks you'll receive as a Christmas Club member:

- It's FREE to join! Simply check the box in your user profile, and click "Save My Profile."
- After you join the Club, you'll earn points for any purchases of designs and packs.
- You'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, and can earn a maximum of 1000 points.
- Purchases of gift certificates do not earn points.
- Purchases made with a gift certificate do earn points.
- Purchases made before you join the Club do not earn points.
- After you join the Club, you'll be eligible for members-only discounts, sales, and free designs.
- Christmas Club newsletters will be sent the first Friday of each month.
- Extra-special newsletters with exclusive Club-only sales will also be heading your way.
- Points are earned from the time you join the Club through December 25, 2015.
- Gift certificates will be emailed on December 31, and will be valid through January 31, 2016.
- Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can still join the Club!

The Christmas Club is a great way to get your holiday stitching started, and to earn excellent rewards for shopping at Embroidery Library. Click here to go to your user profile and join the Countdown to Christmas Club today!

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