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New Machine Embroidery Designs: Only $1 each!
New requested machine embroidery designs are only $1 each!  
At Embroidery Library, we love requests. Our inboxes are overflowing with excellent ideas for new designs!

That means that it's time for a request-fest, where ALL the new designs are based on your ideas. Greet each day with sunshine and smiles with new Good Morning designs. Plant bluebonnets and prairie-fire on totes, pillows, and towels.

Click here to see these new machine embroidery designs! You'll find an exceptionally colorful array of ideas, and a gorgeous variety of subjects and styles.

These designs are new and
on sal
e for you now - only $1.00 each! Place your order today!
New requested machine embroidery designs are only $1 each!   New requested machine embroidery designs are only $1 each!   New requested machine embroidery designs are only $1 each!   New requested machine embroidery designs are only $1 each!

Over 200 designs - Only $1 each!

Select machine embroidery designs perfect for t-shirts are on sale for only $1 each!  
Spring has sprung, and it's time to trade long sleeves for short sleeves, and spruce up T-shirts with colorful embroidery designs!

Designs on this page are a perfect fit for T-shirts, and on sale for you now: only $1.00 each!
We love hearing your requests for new designs! Each week a request is drawn and digitized as part of an extra-special Request of the Week program.

Click here to see these creative and excellent ideas!

Top Trends, Hits, & Highlights!
Ribbon ties on a pillow cover add pretty texture and dimension, and make it easy to change decor for different holidays and special occasions. Click here for details!
Dress up a dishtowel with tasty embroidery designs and a cute little ruffle, too! Designs and the  instructions are on this page.
Bright and bold rectangles bring a contemporary look to this tote bag. Click here for designs and the tutorial!

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